Waaris : First Week Report Card!

'Waaris' the family drama set against the backdrop of the underworld is a much hyped show of Zee TV .Let's see how it faired in the first week..


Waaris, the mega budgeted show of Zee TV coming from Smriti Irani's Ugraya Productions started last week amidst high expectation from audiences. With a very interesting star cast starting from Ashish Vidyarthi to Iqbal Khan, the actors have really kept the viewers glued for more! Even the new kids on the block, Yuvraj Malhotra, Manish Raisinghsnia and Akshay Sethi  are doing their bit brilliantly. As far as Ladies are concerned, they are supporting their better halves as well.

Main characters and Actors :

The show started with a Rugby match where Shaurya (Yuvraj Malhotra) the second in-line heir of Ashish Vidyarthi made his appearance in the show, along with his "inspiration" Simran (Rucha Gujrathi). The dance on the final goal of Shaurya, a rip-off from the Famous Cadbury ad of last nineties started the euphoria!  The two parallel tracks in the show, one depicting college life and the other, the hardcore dark Underworld were depicted very well. With this, makers are playing safe giving audience of every age group something to look forward to in the show!

Shankar (Iqbal Khan) the older son, is marvelous. He glares with an intensity putting the rest of the cast to shame. Every scene he is in sizzles with maniac energy, and his screen presence is spectacular, though the entry of Shankar (Iqbal Khan) in the show was a big let down for those who expected a Grand entry of a star of Iqbal's stature. Even Ashish Vidyarthi's entry was shot in a much larger scale then Iqbal's! Is it a strategic move to underplay his role or something else, only time will tell!!!

Rudra Pratap Singh (Ashish Vidyarthi)  is a mafiosi leader with a strong NGO streak in him; he's effectively playing a grizzled, Marathi shahenshah, a man who essentially sits and listens to unjust tales, sending out a righteous army of goons to take charge. No immoralities for this soft dictator though! He bears a resemblance to Amitabh Bachchan's character of Sarkaar, including the rudraksh and the red tika!

Indira Krishnan is perfect as Ashish Vidyarthi's submissive wife and Iqbal's helpless mother, who has compromised with the situation and advises her daughter-in-law Shilpa Shinde (wife of Shankar) to follow suit. Sister of Shankar  is cute and most probably will be killed in months to come or might elope with Bheema who follows her everywhere she goes!

Story and Inspiration:

If you have seen or even heard about Godfather and the movie Sarkar, then this show is like an open book for you; from characters to their dialogues, everything is "inspired" from the same. The way Shankar comforts the waiting crowd, to Baba's greeting word "Hari Om" is a replacement of "Govinda Govinda" from the movie. Waaris is the same as Sarkar where Amitabh Bachchan's role is like Ashish Vidyarthi's, Yuvraj is playing Abhishek Bachchan and Iqbal plays Kay Kay. It's the same plot, and guess it is even shot in same way too. Whether they can keep the production value and quality of direction high, will be a thing to watch out for, as shooting a daily soap keeping quality and money in mind is a difficult thing to achieve if not impossible!

Sets and Ambience:

Even their Sets are inspired from the movie Sarkar, with old interiors and beds and the lighting everything is taken from the movie. Creatives of the show must have worked really hard while watching the movie. The outdoor of the house looks little shabby and undone though, and seems as though it is made up of "Cardboard" instead of concrete and bricks! This is a big let down as Smriti Irani has set high standards for herself! The boards at , also lacks the money, may be they over spent on the two Mercedes of the show.


Because we got what we expected from Iqbal khan and Ashish Vidyarthi, who are the back-bones of Waaris, everbody will watch this show. It's nicely shot, and has a few moments in the first week itself that are applause-worthy. The biggest demerit of this show is, its refusal to remain an adaptation! Why can't a Television show add a new dimension and follow the big screen blindly, leaves you pondering upon! This show, as the opening week reveal, had the potential to be Great but turns out to be passable by the end of it.

They should add a line before the title track of the show : Special thanks to Sarkaar and Godfather without your support and direction we could not have made this show! Regards : Smriti Irani Production! 

Soap Ratings : This show gets 2 and a half  soaps from us!
*1 Soap Stinky one , 2 Soaps Slippery with no fragrance ,2,1/2 :with little fragrance,3 Soaps sandal wood with rose petals , 4 Soaps must use/watch
Author : Nishtha
P.S The Opinions expressed in here is strictly those of the author

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Comments (19)

I give you 5 Stars for the line Creatives of the show must have worked really hard while watching the movie....

Great review.....wonderfully written article !!

15 years ago

deep sigh its rather diabolical some people refuse to move on........

it has certainly been an entertaining week, i have no watched, sarkar or yuva so its been awesome to watch..

15 years ago

Actually I think waaris is victim of poor direction. And has no proper story line . They have taken 6 films stories and made it.. and I am sure they will take more. I am telling you they will take Trishul and Deewar story ..Iqbal will go against his father like Trishul, Then again he will go against his brother like Deewar.. just wait and watch..

15 years ago

Few have strength of reason to overrule the perceptions of sense, and yet fewer have curiosity or benevolence to struggle long against the first impression: he who therefore fails to please in his salutation and address is at once rejected, and never obtains an opportunity of showing his latest excellences or essential qualities.
Johnson: Rambler #166 (October 19, 1751)
There is a saying “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” and same with Waaris show as well. Thanks Nishitha for a wonderful and a frank review of Waaris. It is indeed an eye opener and an unbiased review you have written. It will definitely reach an early end as some people have predicted. Thanks Sudhir Bhai and Pallavi didi for giving me heads up about this Telly Buzz article, else I would not have read it and mind hi mind mein I would have been WORRIED. LMAO.

Smriti Irani, Good Luckji. We expect a lot from a great director like you. Ye kya ho raha hai, from the very first week of WAARIS, you seem to be full of WORRIES.

Start a Saasumaa and Bahurani serial and I can assure you, it will be a hit. Why I, entire India will assure you. And also have some Maang Bharo scenes , Sindoor scenes, Huggy Kissy scenes like Ekta had in KYPH. The hero kept filling the heroines maang with sindoor over and over again, poor heroine aaj bhi wohi sindoor dekhthi hai. Now ye Bechara does not want to do such scenes with other heroines, lest it will remove the sweet memories with the old heroine. I for once agree with him, he is very frank in his opinion and very diplomatic. Sab ko khush kartha hai.

Indian audience especially the fairer sex are extremely emotional creatures, they prefer hot scenes to Murder and Gun shot scenes. Why do you think KYPH is still a HIT even after 3 years. They still remember the way the hero of KYPH slobbered the heroines cheeks with kisses and passionate hugs. Hot ...

15 years ago

The show is yuck!!!! plz do something which has been not done before. can u plz stop copying others.

15 years ago

thanks for the article, though, iqbal's entry i would say more was in the second episode than the first, infact i feel the production house fooled us into thinking that shankar was such a soft guy but it turned on its head the next day,

It is really good and everyone rocks, but then again being a die hard iqbal fan, i have to say, he rocks totally as shankar

15 years ago

I really like waaris,iqbal rocks!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks,nice show!!!

15 years ago

first week u cnt judge a show..
but i njoyedd it a lottttttt..waaris rocks!!

15 years ago

Why can't a Television show add a new dimension and follow the big screen blindly, leaves you pondering upon!

erm i think one week is not enough time to judge the complete storyline of the show.. in that sense the first wk review shld not make such strong comments on the storyline..

15 years ago

hey the show sounds gr8 as i loved both godfather n sarkaar but at wht tym is the show telecasted ? pls pm me who knows the answer...

15 years ago

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