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Vote Garnering tactics in Reality Shows - Is this acceptable?

"Talent or sympathy : which should get one the votes in a music contest?" This is a question circling the minds of most viewers after watching this week's shows. What was it that brought out this question- read on to know more.

Published: Monday,Jan 07, 2008 10:42 AM GMT-07:00
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This week, even though we got to see some outstanding performances, yet there is a feeling of dissatisfaction in most viewers seeing the vote garnering tactics, especially in the two children’s shows. Even in the grown ups shows, something was amiss. Whether it was the lackadaisical approach of some judges or over-enthusiasm by a host or off track performance by some singers, something surely fell short of expectation.

Vote Garnering tactics in Reality Shows - Is this acceptable?
For VOI Chhote Ustaad show, Friday is turning quite uninteresting as far as music is concerned except to know the fact as to who got eliminated. This Saturda,y once again the participants did extremely well with Anvesha giving a flawless and outstanding performance. “Bheege honth tere” its almost becoming Kunal’s signature line as “Chirodini” is of Bappi Lahiri’s. The show is somehow now propagating Jayant’s medical case to arouse public sympathy. It’s a very sensitive private matter and there was absolutely no need for showcasing the prognosis and treatment procedure on the show. Dr. Kavita seemed more like promoting her Hospital on the show. In the acid test it is claimed that the 4 bottom participants are given just 10 minutes each to practice on a song and perform which seems very unbelievable. Even for professional singers, 10 minutes practice on a song is usually not enough to see them through.

Vote Garnering tactics in Reality Shows - Is this acceptable?
If it’s Jayant’s medical case on VOI, then its Amir’s poverty issue that SRGMP is using for the same purpose of gaining public sympathy. Also how fair was it on other contestants showing such an AV just for Amir where his fans were shown pleading for votes? It was nice on part of Sonu to deplore the AV on the show itself in a dignified manner and indirectly giving out a clear message to the production house to stop such practice. Friday the show saw Rohit, one of the best contestants of the show falling to public voting fallacy and getting eliminated. Saturday the theme was Parents-Kids relationship where the kids dedicated a song to their parents and it saw an episode which was too emotional not just for the viewers but also the parents. The parents in turn sang few lines for their wards too. Aditya seemed quite uncomfortable with the glasses he was wearing and at times it even affected his flow as host.

Vote Garnering tactics in Reality Shows - Is this acceptable?
Mission Ustaad this week had another good theme - A child’s happiness. The jodis presented their thoughts on it in many different ways and the judges gave their own interpretation of it. It was nice to get to hear views on the topic from someone experienced as Javed Akhtar. Where on one hand clash of opinion between Kailash Kher and Javed Saab is becoming too frequent, Rehman is yet to keep his promise of commenting on all after all the performances get over. Somehow his body language gives an impression that he is bored. In a show that is all about positive approach to social upliftment, he as a judge is expected to show some enthusiasm.

Vote Garnering tactics in Reality Shows - Is this acceptable?
In K for Kishore the theme was Kishore - Dil Se and the songs chosen were all good but that was not so, as far as performances went. It is quite evident from the performances that the contestants lack practice. This week also saw the female fans of Kishore staging protest for being kept out from paying tribute to Kishore Kumar. One of their representatives even came on stage to voice her opinion. While the judges did not want to change the format, they allowed her to sing and ironically she was the best performer of the evening barring Arnab Chakrabarti who was the only contestant giving a brilliant performance!! Do we see some troubled times in the hosting part in the future rounds?? Who knows, we may. Well, Rajeshwari seems to have forgotten that she has a co-host now and ended into intercepting every line of Babul and making sure to cut him short.

One thing is evident – it’s time now for the production houses to pull up their socks and try focusing on only the musical strengths of all participants creatively, to sell just their talents and keep every kind of life story out of it. The hosts should realize they are there to anchor the show, not drown it. If the talented participants are giving their best shots to create an impression, others should try not to mar it. It is time to rise above mediocrity and personal vanity to give these shows what it needs most - dignity!

Author: Barnali

Note: The views expressed are solely of the author. For any information, please contact the author.

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Nazneen @SiriuslySujal 15 years ago I am so sick of these musical reality shows. They insist on putting drama into everything. At first I thought Chhote Ustad would not be like that but now it too is using these cheap TRP-raising tactics. It's not like these kind of shows lack audiences. In fact probably more people would watch these shows if they were less political and more musical. Think about it, Gajendra.
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rock&roll @rock&roll 15 years ago Friday's elimination was shocking and pretty heart breaking..Rohit was one of the best contestants of the show and it was a pity to see him sacrified to 'audience votes'.If good contestants get eliminated,the show suffers since musical quality goes down.Audience votes should only be used for the bottom 3 or something(if necessary)
The vate garnering tactics used was pathetic,to say the least.SRGMP has been a clean show this time.please keep it that way
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Kiran--Madiha @kiran--madi 15 years ago public shud think properly b4 voting!that z it 4m my side
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Ask Me @Fazila~ 15 years ago public voting spoils the whole show, what good are the judges? they are just dummies.....either remove judges or publi voting.... good atricle.......hope the concerned ppl read it n apply it.....
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Radhika Pebbeti @radhikavunikili 15 years ago Let me clarify something... Sonu raised the point of Aamir's poverty because a singer like Aamir should not loose because of that.... Most of the cases where public voting is there... i have seen that only people who have money and who are grown in a very good society gets more votes.

And the AV showing the public asking to vote for Aamir was shown to give encouragement to Aamir as he is away from his parents......

I was very upset when Rohit was eliminated... here also if you see Rohit was not from a rich family, even though he is a good singer he lost in public voting.... So may be Sonu wants people to vote for the correct person....

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amukta @amukta 15 years ago I think Rehman is basically very shy and a man of few words.I guess he believes in expressing himself only through music and may be he is not as articulate as Javed Akthar.My guess is he is judging only the technical part and Javed Akthar speaks .Lara however is very articulate and is doing a good job.
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grao @ani_gr 15 years ago i totally agree with the views regarding k for kishore hosts. rajeswari is totally taking the studio space by not letting babul speak at all. agreed he came later, but when there are two hosts, they should share. look at JDJ hosts, mona and ronit,they were wonderful. i absolutely did not like the idea of rajeswari doing this, i would rather go for babu because he is a great singer
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Tani @Tani91 15 years ago I find those TRP gimmicks and tactics far too saddening..I mean it discourages the kids so much in both shows

Thanks for this di and I agree with you
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simz @live_life 15 years ago Ya the tactics are just wrong....in lil champs or chote ustaad
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*Jaya* @*Jaya* 15 years ago Anwesha has emerged as the best voice a reality show has ever produced for long... She has surpassed what we have heard from Abhilasha, Nihira and others... She is almost the next find after Shreya for the music industry! Go girl, you deserve every success in life...

The AV that Zee used for Aamir was deplorable to say the least... Even his family members seemed to be begging for votes in the name of poverty! The poor kid seemed so embarassed.. And Zee is actually continuing to do this forever.. They highlighted Saahil's economic conditions, now this one... Vasundhara anyway has been getting judges favors for her poor singing many times, and am sure the next AV to be followed will be for her! For Jayant, he is an extremely talented kid, and its not right for the channel to highlight his medical conditions again and again...He can do so well without that...

Its time that all the channels really come out of this 'fool the viewers' techniques and focus on pure musical entertainment!

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