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Vivek Hides from Salman

Salman Khan is famous - or infamous, shall we say! - for his mood...

Published: Friday,May 07, 2010 12:30 PM GMT-06:00
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Salman Khan is famous - or infamous, shall we say! - for his mood swings. And Vivek Oberoi has been at the receiving end one time too many! So when Vivek, after a performance on a show, heard that Salman was in the vicinity, he decided as a safety precaution to hide out in his vanity van until Salman left, 75 minutes later! (We're trying to ascertain if the measure of in plain avoidance of trouble, or a real scare of the macho Khan!)

Salman stopped to talk to some friends before heading off to the stage for the grand finale, and Vivek, who was alerted of his presence by a friend of his own meanwhile, holed himself up in his vanity van.

Vivek's manager, Raj, however, insists that the actor left on time. That he had to go for another gathering, and Salman arrived after Lara Dutta and Shahid Kapoor's performances, so there was no chance for them to interact.

Yeh, whatever! Vivek is certainly reminds us of the old adage - once bitten, twice shy!

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