Vivek Dahiya's grandmother stopped him from breaking down post his Dadaji's death in THIS way

Vivek Dahiya shares a heartfelt note on his grandfather's death and how his grandmother gave him the power to not cry...


Losing a close-one is never easy. Life is sometimes brutal and takes away close ones but it always leaves a lesson. And something similar happened with Vivek Dahiya.

The actor lost his grandfather, who was 93 years old last night. And while he was struggling hard in this situation and a whirlwind of emotions took over, his grandmother gave him a lesson that brought positivity and strength around him.

While he was at the verge of breaking down, his grandmother told him, "He was 93, he lived a great life. I want you all to smile because your grandfather was a lucky man, blessed to have his children take care of him. There should be no one crying as he's a happy soul and every time we remember him, we should smile!" By this her strength, her positivity walled off everything around him once again. 

Check out his post here...

We wish for more power to Vivek Dahiya!
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Vivek Dahiya

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