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'Vegetarian food is easier to digest' - Pallavi Subhash

The very gorgeous Pallavi Subhash is systematic when it comes to food. Here is she talking about her likes and dislikes when it comes to her food habits...

Published: Sunday,Nov 09, 2008 21:02 PM GMT-07:00
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Are you a foodie?
Ya I am quite a foodie, but I prefer to have Ghar Ka Khana and avoid having much of outside food.

What is your favorite ghar ka khana?
Everything that my mother prepares! I am not that choosy when it comes to home food.

What are your favorite dishes?
I love to have Dahi Khadi, Ghee rice and I like Pooran poli a lot.

Do you have both vegetarian food as well as non-veg?
I used to have non-veg, but after I have gotten into the hectic shooting schedule, I have become a strict vegetarian. We pack up late at night usually, and I feel vegetarian food is easier to digest when compared to non-veg.

What is the dish you can have at any given time in a day?
Well, there is a sweet dish called Kharvaz, made out of milk. This is a typical Maharashtrian sweet dish and I like that a lot.

Do you cook and what are the dishes you prepare well?
I love cooking. I like to cook Aloo paratha and all other parathas. I prepare yellow as well as khali dhal well. I make good Pulav and of course, make good curd rice too(smiles).

What is your diet pattern on a normal working day?
See, I shoot for nearly 12-13 hours a day. So as I said before, I avoid eating heavy, oily and spicy food. If I have a shift at 9 in the morning, I wake up at 8, and my mom gives me a glass of milk with honey and lemon. I follow that up with another 2-3 glasses of water. I don’t take breakfast at all. Though it is believed that we need to start our day with a heavy breakfast, our food schedule depends on our system, and we should be knowing what to eat and when. Before going for my shoot, I have a glass of Complan or Horlicks without sugar. Then at 2 in the afternoon, I have my proper lunch which consists of roti, rice, sabzi and dahi. I see to it that I drink water only after half an hour of consuming food. At 5 or 6 in the evening, I have lot of fruits. For dinner, I avoid rice and take rotis with sabzi and salad. I prefer to eat light at nights.

So are you a calorie-conscious person?
Not at all, it is just that I know what my body can take, especially when I have my hectic shooting schedules. When I have a day off, I enjoy to my heart’s content with friends. I love to go to McDonalds and I love to have chaat too. I am not figure conscious at all, but it is just that I have a basic knowledge on what is good and bad when it comes to food.

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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radhika_21 14 years ago she luks so pretty in that pic!
even i am a vegetarian!
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Rita Shah
Rita Shah 14 years ago I lover her dimples. She is natural beauty with her dimples
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gawker 14 years ago that''s one beautiful lady and one swell actress.
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Mrs.soniayk6 14 years ago thanx 4r the wonderful artical.pallavi rocks....
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SamLuvsSaRun 14 years ago Thanks..Even i luv Puran poli dai kadi n kharvas a lot....Pallavi rocks!!
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CrazyChatterbox 14 years ago yeah... she has a good diet, no wonder her figure is tt good, and she''s so fit...
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act12 14 years ago cool...luv her, she luks gorgeus in the pic
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chronic 14 years ago Awww.. Pallu
It''s good to see TB taking an interest in her..... she deserves to be recognized....
Nice answers and nice picture.... she looks so gorgeous, as always...
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sweetscented 14 years ago it''s very nice........
and i love McD too!!!
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xAngelicANGELx 14 years ago she got a fit body...... she eats a lot of veg...... thatz really good i just cnt stand vegtable.........i just love mc donalds is looking pretty in the pic thanx 4 the info!!!
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