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Vampire goes the organic way!!

The new vampire as Daru Koyla essayed by Rajesh Kumar is SAB TV’s Pritam Pyaare Aur Woh, seems to use homemade products rather than applying generic and artificial ones while doing a make-up and hair styling.

Vampires are proud of their looks and their appearance which sets them different from other ghosts. Similarly for Rajesh Kumar aka Dara Koyla from SAB TV's new horror comedy Pritam Pyaare Aur Woh' is all about getting the right hair style. The tall lean, aristocratic-looking Vampire styles his hair in a different way, which goes the organic way. Rajesh is particular about his looks and most importantly he focuses to get a perfect hair style. Since the look requires, him to have a shiny black gelled hair, he prefers applying Egg-White as a solution on his hair, rather than the usual gel.

A source from the sets informs us, it takes him good amount of time to get him ready and he makes sure his looks are perfect and does not compromise at all on his hair-do. Because of the Egg-White in his hair, he gets the perfect hair style which lasts longer up to 10-12 hours, and once done he does not have to re-do it again.

While speaking with Rajesh, he says; "Being a Vampire in Pritam Pyaare Aur Woh, it's important that my look, make-up and the attire is up-to-date, especially the hair. Vampire's hair is always in good condition, sleek, well brushed and styled. I prefer going the organic way, as it leaves no side effects that one needs to worry."

The audience will enjoy the thrill and fun together by watching Dara Koyla and his aid, face-off Pritam & Pyaare. Will the Ghost be busted... stay tuned in!


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-Serene.Rose- 6 years ago nice episodes so far! Loved the pace. Wish there is more comedy!
Abhisheking 6 years ago The show is nyc...
Best of luck!!!Smile
-Serene.Rose- 6 years ago I loved the concept! This show will be a success if the script is good enough.. so far its good! wish it will improve further.
All the best!
SugaAgustD 9 years ago She's actualy very cute...she's naturaly gifted with beauty..
everything is fine about the dress and shoes...what is missing, is that she shud have put a smile on her face
sonia1208 9 years ago aah .. the fashion sense is quite poor .. :| .. the boots look horrible with d dress ..!! prr anyhow .. d poor girl is still managing .. to carry it off well .. =D
LOVE_DMG 9 years ago ew qhat with the shoes? these days has no tast
yattri 9 years ago love her dress and her shoes and her hair but her face is so -________-
vaish316 9 years ago i would never buy this copy at all.. i think this would the least-selling marie-claire magazine.
nish0910 9 years ago ewwwwwwwwwww...... she doesnt look good at all :/
AbhiNikiLuver 9 years ago her expression is just ughhhhhhhhhhh ewwwwww
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