Urvashi Dholakia on SACH KA SAAMNA

This week Urvashi Dholakia will be facing the unnerving challenge on Star Plus's Sach Ka Saamna.

While the temperatures are dipping across India, televisions screens are witnessing a rise in the same with Sach Ka Saamna. Known to lead her life in her own terms, television's most beautiful and multitalented actor, Urvashi Dholakia faces the heat with Rajeev Khandelwal as she unravels secrets of her life as a young single mother, her relationship with her friends and co-stars.

Sach Ka Saamna gets viewers privy to some shocking revelation of Urvashi on the show as she takes on the hot seat to face 21 grueling questions about her life in front of her mother Kaushal Dholakia and her best friend Shanela.

Urvashi battles through the personal questions even though she shares a good comfort level with Rajeev due to their past working relationship.  A few disclosures shared by Urvashi even got her best friend to react in a very nervous manner. While a few answers also got Rajeev stumped!
As she passes levels, questions get edgier and the show gets more mesmerizing with Urvashi's past stemming up. Throughout the show, Rajeev also catches Urvashi and her mother communicating through their eyes.
Will Urvashi's mother support her through these personal question and shocking revelations? What made Urvashi to shed her tears? Will Urvashi speak truth and unwrap her past, which she has been living with till now? Laced with twists and turns actress Urvashi confronts the truth on Sach Ka Saamna with courage  on Tuesday July, 21st and Wednesday July, 22nd 2009 at 10:30 pm only on STAR Plus.


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suruchi123 11 years ago This content is hidden.
SapSur 11 years ago i love the show...it is very interesting..a show with a different concept...waiting for the episode..Rajeev Rocks..thanku for the article..:)2009-07-21 02:14:57
Asad-Kii-Arzoo 11 years ago honestly saying dis show we cant watch wid ouir parents at all coz it has questions abt sex n all wich we r nt cmfrtable wid our parents....
sweet_angel27 11 years ago Can't wait to see this episode! :) I love this show! :) :)
JasminBhasinFan 11 years ago Wow!! I applaud her courage!! Hats off Urvashi!!!
adi_gupta 11 years ago i loved hr so much
she has a lot of courrage
babii.girl 11 years ago i KNEW it was her.. saw on her on the preview thing.. i KNEW IT..lol
DEEENCH 11 years ago this show willl cause many divorce!!!
chahat4u 11 years ago this is a show where only brave ppl will participate!
Knowalot2 11 years ago Urvashi totally rocks....loved her acting in KZK
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