Urmila Matondkar’s Instagram account Hacked!

Urmila Matondkar’s Instagram account was hacked today and the actress is yet to issue an official statement about the same...

Urmila Matondkar

Actress turned politician - Urmila Matondkar’s Instagram account was hacked just a few minutes ago and the actress has finally issued an official statement about the same. However, it seems there have been no attempts to recover the account as of now.

The hackers have deleted Urmila’s posts and they even changed her username which read: “lnstαgrαm Support”

Apart from that her profile link read, “• From @instagram & @facebook This is an automated message sent to you. If you have infringed copyright, you will receive an automated message.


Urmila Matondkar

Urmila has reacted to the same and issued an official statement about the same. Taking to her Twitter handle the actress stated, “My Instagram account has been hacked @instagram 

First they DM you n ask to follow a few steps n verify the account n it then it gets hacked..really..!!???


Check out the Tweet below:


The hacking of Instagram accounts has been a common phenomenon these days and you can prevent your account from being hacked with a few basic steps:  

How to check if your IG account has 2Fac Authentication turned on? 


Settings >> Security >> 2 FAC authentication

You can learn more about two-factor authentication here:


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Urmila Matondkar

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