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Uorfi Javed lashes out at Chahatt Khanna with a witty post

Uorfi posted on her social media taking her dig at Chahatt as he name was involved with con man Chandrashekhar.

Published: Tuesday,Nov 29, 2022 11:25 AM GMT-07:00
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Urfi Javed

Uorfi Javed has been making headlines again. Amid her recent controversy with author Chetan Bhagat, her spat with Chahatt Khanna was triggered when she supported Chetan's comments about Uorfi.

Uorfi posted  on her social media taking her dig at Chahatt as her name was involved with con man Chandrashekhar. She captioned the image, "Women who visit jails to get free Gucci bags and money , married men who ask women half their age for ‘company’ , who blame a women’s clothing for distracting men are definitely way more respectful than me ! Meanwhile some disrespectful pictures of me ! Enjoy

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There's also an Insta story Uorfi posted where she showed how Chahatt was sporting skimpy clothes. She wrote, "Cleavage plus Gucci bag = Respect. Sheeshe Ke Ghar Babu Bhaiya."

She even posted on her story slamming  Chahatt. She mentioned, " "Tomorrow when your daughters grow up and if ever a man harasses them because of their clothes, remember this statement you gave about me then in the future. Show this to your daughters! Opposing what i put on my body? Hate is consuming you. Stop blaming women for men's actions. Chetan Bhagat is not a respected person, he messaged women half of age asking them for sexual favours (I uploaded the chats too). You're literally degrading your entire gender cause you are so consumed with the hate you have for me. You don't hate me cause I wear short clothes, cayse you do too. You have lingerie pictures on Instagram. You just hate me cause you don't get the same attention. Facts only. Now please stop using my name for publicity! You know it yourself, if you don't use my name - none of these media pages will post about you!"

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Chahatt Khanna Uorfi Javed

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ChickenSoup 3 months ago She loves the attention from everyone. Serious daddy issues right there. But those who are insulting her because of how she dresses are the same people who welcomed Sunny Leone with open arms exactly a decade ago. Double standards. Not to forget, Sunny Leone still makes p0rn videos on her website and makes a lot of money from it.
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piya2025 3 months ago If "even lies can look like truth" had a face. She uses "men's action" to cover up her nastiness so well & then say "I get more attention than you" - yes girl! From the same men, right? Hypocrite.
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nutmeg7 3 months ago Uorfi, media will also cover you till it benefits them and women with skimpy clothes are easily replaceable. Today it is you, tomorrow, it will be someone else
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Snowfally 3 months ago Urfi has changed her spelling to Uorfi now. huh.
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