Uday Tanishaa patch up!!!

Uday and Tanishaa are once again getting together.

Uday Chopra and Tanishaa are together again . The pair looks like as if they have sorted their differences. Since, their split last year, they were not communicating with each other. However, both were noticed chatting happily at ‘Drona’ premiere.
This ‘Neal N Nikki’ duo was seeing each other for two years before their split up. Even their families approved and everyone was expecting them to exchange rings. However, rumors of Tanishaa’s relationship with Upen Patel made the duo fall apart. After this, both of them broke ice at a common friend’s party and thereafter they stayed in touch.
It seems that the pair are once again getting together to see if they can make this relationship work this time. In addition, Chopra family too, is fond of Tanishaa.
Hope this time they remain lucky enough to work it out.

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