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Tunics & Tights: New Fashion Trends With Bhoomi From Kyunki!

Get the latest on the trends in the fashion industry such as long tunics and tights that are 'in' these days. Plus find out more about Reshmi Gosh AKA Bhoomi's thoughts on fashion in the telly industry!

Published: Tuesday,Jul 10, 2007 15:11 PM GMT-06:00
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Chic! Trendy! Hip! And a lot more can be said about the latest trend of long tunics and tights that has hit the wardrobes of women globally. Some call it the Western version of the elegant churidhar kurtas that both the actresses and the common women of yesteryears wore. Yet, isn’t fashion just that – a fusion of yesterday with a modern touch of today?

Whether its teaming a simple kurti with a stylish belt and coordinating tights or those same
Tunics & Tights: New Fashion Trends With Bhoomi From Kyunki!
tights with a mini skirt with a casual t-shirt, today’s outfit consists of much more than just two layers. Whether it is belts worn to show off one’s waistline or the comfortable yet trendy flat ballerina shoes, accessories are a crucial part of a woman’s closet today; accessories are no longer just simple add ons but instead the highlight of one’s overall look.

Indian television is no where behind in both adopting and spreading the happening looks of today. From Achint Kaur in Viruddh to Reshmi Gosh in Kyunki, this very modern look spans television throughout our daily soaps. Perhaps following the stereotypes on television, we may never see a Tulsi or Parvati donning such a look as the image of a good bahu remains to be of a sari clad traditional woman.

Today’s vamp is more modern – one who may have dropped the sleeveless and halter blouses and gone for the trendy western attire. Yet, why does our television equate modern with negative? Why can we not see a positive female protagonist dressed in tunics and tights? Why is it that the vamps are the ones spreading the up-to-date fashions amongst the female crowds of today?

Tunics & Tights: New Fashion Trends With Bhoomi From Kyunki!
We catch up with the vivacious and talented Reshmi Gosh aka Bhoomi of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. Find out more about the Reshami’s opinion on the latest fashions including the tunics with tights look, the fashion in the Indian Television Industry and the stereotypes of modern with evil or good with traditional.

What are your thoughts on the current long tunic and tights look?

I think it may start changing soon as the look has been in for quite a while. Well going with the current norms of the fashion we can definitely turn the tunic to short dresses paired with tights to give it a hotter look. I am going to change my look in Kyunki pretty soon. For me at the moment this style has become little old. My style statement will change a bit with a new hairstyle and will be wearing shorter dresses instead of the tunics with leggings that I sported for a while on the show.

So do you choose your own clothes for your character Bhoomi?

As I am from the fashion world Balaji trusts me with my choice so yes I get to do the honors.

Your character of Bhoomi has been seen from saris to tights - what do you personally prefer?

I would prefer denims, and tops or kurtis, as they are easier to carry off. But as a professional I am comfortable wearing anything that suits my body and look. I can carry western and eastern clothes with the same ease and poise.

Tunics & Tights: New Fashion Trends With Bhoomi From Kyunki!
Why is it that on television the vamps are more modern and the protagonists seen as sari clad?

I swear if I could have gotten an answer I would have given it to you. But I think it’s a basic Indian mentality that they will see their idol dressed in a sari. Since television caters to a kind of audience that relates to women dressed in saris and equates them with being good humans that is what is shown. However, I will never agree to this stereotype as I am a very nice person even though I am not always clad in saris. I wear short dresses and capris though yes at a same time I can easily wear a sari. However, overall it is just the mentality of the masses that the director and the producer cater to. I feel that people’s mentality will change if we start showing good characters like Tulsi wearing more modern clothes. In fact anyone from the new generation like KT and Kasturi can change people’s perceptions by wearing more modern clothes. On that front Kashish as a character has created a fashion statement but then again that also happens to be on the Indian clothing front. But maybe one day lets see Bhoomi may turn positive and still wear Kurtis and Denims – who knows?

Does our television equate modern with evil and traditional with good?

Like I said television is a medium that reaches the masses and in daily soaps it is easier for people to relate when the good girl is wearing a sari and the vamp wearing modern dresses. On the contrary, in films we will see any normal good girl wearing denims and short skirts. However, I think television wants to maintain that difference with the film industry.

What are your thoughts on fashion on Indian television?
Tunics & Tights: New Fashion Trends With Bhoomi From Kyunki!

Well, recently I heard somewhere that Ekta had stated that I am the Mallika Sherawat of Balaji and Indian Television. I was quite shocked but I think with that she meant was that I am hot and bold. However, bold does not mean that we are not wearing clothes. Television in a way portrays women in an aesthetic sense. Bhoomi for example wears western outfits and carries herself with full attitude and that is something I relate to very well. Furthermore, even if Bhoomi is wearing saris she is wearing it with halters and strappy blouses – that is the kind of fashion I like. The clothing is decent and this is one of the reasons I choose not to work in films because there is lot of skin show and I am not comfortable with that.

Is Fashion in Indian Television has a long way to go?

I think this is something that I feel I can break one day or rather Balaji will some day. For example wearing nice jewelry with saris is something that Balaji has got into Indian Television. I am sure that Balaji will break new grounds pretty soon.

Well well well that was your favorite Reshmi Gosh aka Bhoomi from the very popular soap Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. And now for our fashionable chicas of today regarding the latest trends, it is no longer about short and skimpy but the look of today is longer tops but one that definitely highlights one’s figure. A good bahu on television may not carry such a look but what is your take on this westernized version of our very own churidar kurtas minus the dupatta and add on lots of accessories. Are you in for this trend? And how do we define modernism? Does modern mean jeans or can you be modern and still be sari clad?

Writers: Dolly & Kirti
Reporter: Kirti

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Maria @Maira1377 16 years ago nice article and clothing fashion.......
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Kiran @kimmu 16 years ago wow, i love tunics, sort of, but the usual wear for me is jeans and shirts :)
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Harman @Herman_4u 16 years ago thank u very much for sharing. what's wrong with western clothes? u could still be nice and wear western clothes.
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xoxramxox @xoxramxox 16 years ago i am a great fan of Bhoomi.. i realli like her style as bhoomi...
thnx for sharing
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navi g. @-Navi 16 years ago Thanks .. Reshmi`s awesome & i LOVE what she wears in kyunki saas. :)
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Reshmi all da way hehe
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Rabia @prettyzinta 16 years ago is that bhoomi in the blue it doesnt look like her at all?
i swear these posing pics can make u look a lot different
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Mrs.Kunal Kapoor @Nats 16 years ago ya its true she does come on with different clothing style all the time!
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Pooja @cool_pooja 16 years ago Finally an interview of reshmi.. Awesome!! N totally rite.. Bhoomi's fashion statment is awesome! Wish there were sum questions abt wats coming up in her character or abt her hot chemistry wid vikas but ah its ok!
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Howlarious @Howlarious 16 years ago thanks for the article!!

reshmi is a wicked actress
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