Tujh Sang to take a leap on December 4th..

Star Plus' afternoon show Tujh Sang Preet Lagayi Sajana will take a leap on December 4th

Star Plus and Balaji Telefilms' Tujh Sang Preet Lagayi Sajana will be taking a leap of 6-7 years on 4th December.

With the death of Vrinda(Puja Bose) and Rajbeer's (Sandeep Baswana) kid and with the misunderstandings creeping in between them, the two have parted ways.

According to our source, "Post leap, Vrinda will be living in a chawl with her 6 years old daughter, Tulsi (played by Aarti). Vrinda will be an independent woman going thro' all the struggle in bringing up her daughter".

There will be few new entries in the upcoming track. "Vrinda will find confidantes in her neighbour's family consisting of a father, mother and a daughter. Annu Kamal who is presently seen in Bairi Piya will play the mother, while Ashok Sawant plays the father. Tanvi Thakkar who was seen in Pavitra Rishta and Palampur Express will play the daughter".

When contacted, Tanvi Thakkar confirmed the news and says, "We are the neighbors of Vrinda, and I happen to be her colleague in office too. We are very close, just like sisters. My screen name is Suhasi; my character is similar to Rani Mukherjee's in Bunty aur Babli. She wants to become an actress; her mother supports her but her father is against her".

Along with these characters, there will also be a land lady of the chawl and her son, Pakiya shown. The guy will be flirtatious towards the girls in the chawl.

Roadies fame Ayaaz Ahmed will also be entering the show. However, his track has not been finalized yet.

"Rajbeer on the other hand would have become a wealthy business man and lives in Mumbai. Yug who has just not come out of the trauma of the past will be based in Haryana. He has lost his hold on the business, and is a local small time business man who will come to Mumbai, and that is where he meets Vrinda again", informs our source.

We talked to Kunal Verma who confirmed the leap and said, "Yug will be single, and will be living a life of his own".

Puja Bose aka Vrinda tells us, "Yes, Vrinda will be living in a chawl with her daughter".

After the huge drama that happened, we will now see how the audience responds to this track post leap…

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Comments (24)

yug kunal verma is too good he is my fovirte he should mary with vrind and live haappy live

14 years ago

lol aadaa your funny! i agree though, i used to lv ths but its goin dwnhill fast! i hv nthng against ekta, i lv her serials! but ths one is gtng ridiculous!

14 years ago

ahh... yug will be poor and rajveer will be rich.....
anyways i want yug and vrinda

14 years ago

agree wid aadaa a leap in atlantic ocean is highly recommended for the creative team (if we can call them that)how many times will the same story be shown first in kasauti then kasam se and now in this soap next track will surely be vrinda's daughter having some disease

14 years ago

Ekta has said before it u dont
like her serials please dont watch
so stop complain if u like to watch
ekta serial then dont complain.
i never complain coz i know it Ekta
serial ......

14 years ago

What is this,
I love to see Rajbeer verinda togather
O my God i hope after Leap sab acha ho

14 years ago

omg again leap ...wat this ppl r doin
hate ekta serials

14 years ago

I was just abt to say the samething....my god if they don't know what to do with the show again then why can't they just end it for good.

14 years ago

its gonna be so awesome, when yug will see vrinda wid her 6 years old daughter...

14 years ago

Ekta is sick!!! i never watch Ekta-seriels

14 years ago

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