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Trends that Created Sensation in 2008

In the year 2008, we saw all sorts of trends in Bollywood.Which trends clicked with the audiences and which didn't?

In the year 2008, we saw all sorts of trends in Bollywood. From Kareena's zero-size figure in Tashan all the way to Aamir's new physic look in Ghajini.

Which trends clicked with the audiences and which didn't? Look below to see BollyCurry's Chili ratings!

Zero-Size Figure: Bollywood's hottie Kareena Kapoor went on the verge of attaining zero-size figure for her movie 'Tashan'. No doubt, her guts were appreciated and her look for the movie spread and became the hot and happening subject of the town. However, the movie flopped miserably at box-office but as usual, Kareena was hit. The trend did not take off among girls because of the health hazards it may cause. So beware girls! We don't want anorexia patients flooding the hospitals.

Trend Rating: 2/5 Chillies


Pin-Up Look : 'Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na' had Genelia looking like a typical wacky teen,in which she pinned up her hair with colourful 'tic-tac' pins. Not only her style but the fashion of pinning up hair with 'tic-tacs' got a wide acceptance among girls. So how many pairs have you exactly got in your jewellery box?

Trend Rating:  3/5 Chillies

Spiky look: King Khan's look for 'Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi' had nothing interesting but his spiky hair-do. Although Suri did not attract many girls but Raj definitely became the heartthrob of ladies simple because of his spiky gelled hair look. Though this look is very common one but it was something new for SRK and of course, it had to become a trend.

Trend Rating: 3/5 Chillies


Ghajini look: This trend does not need any introduction, everyone knows what it's all about. It's not just the hairstyle that actor Aamir Khan donned but also his eight pack look and the big tattoo. Just last year SRK's six pack created a sensational trend but this year it has hiked to eight-packs. Wonder what will be next, a 10 pack or 12 pack?

Trend Rating: 3/5 Chillies

Bearded Look: Saif Ali Khan's bearded look from the hit movie 'Race' got well with the youth. Not to forget, the middle-aged people who earlier preferred a clean-shave look were also interested in adapting this look. The reason it probably gained popularity was it gave one, especially the youth a 'mature look'. Well, does your beau have it?

Trend Rating: 4/5 Chillies


: This look indeed kidnapped a lot of attention .After a long time it came to everyone's senses this is exactly the type of look that will fit into today's society. This look was donned by actor Imran Khan for second film, 'Kidnap'. His new look and the tattoo on his neck were definitely liked by all but more than his hairstyle, his tattoo got more acceptability.

Trend Rating: 4/5 Chillies

Trimmed Look: How can one forget those curves and the slim-trim look that Priyanka adapted for sporting bikini on the beaches of Miami? Her look got a lot of appreciation and with out a doubt, increased her fan following by a mass number.

Trend Rating: 4/5 Chilies


Great physique: This is something that no girl was able to resist when John was first introduced in 'Dostana'. After this exciting venture, John is known as B-town's hot hunk. However, his great physique also proved that he is not only one of the hottest and the sexiest man in Bollywood but also around the world. Wondering is it because of this many guys have started with regular work-outs?

Trend Rating: 4/5 Chilies

Layered Cut Look: Remember those short length layers that Priyanka Chopra donned in 'Dostana' ? Well this haircut certainly got on the hair trend moving among girls. The layered look was liked by everyone and now, even sported as a new hair style by many.

Trend Rating:  5/5 Chilies

Well, this was our list for the trends that took pace in year 2008. There were many other trends adapted by Bollywood that did not make our list but you may have enjoyed. So why don't you all share your favourite Bollywood trends of 2008? 



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