Tori Spelling shares her oldest kids, Liam and Stella's story about bullying

Tori has come out publically to talk about the bullying her kids faced at ages 11 & 12 in school and how it has led to mental and emotional traumas along with panic attacks.


Tori Spelling, 46, is lost for words after the traumatic bullying her children Liam, 12, and Stella, 11 went through, but she is not the one to shy away from calling out on the bullies. The BH90210 fame Tori describes that such incidents have to come out especially after the amount of bullying the duo have gone through. Her emotions were quite visible through her post as she begins by sharing their childhood photos where the siblings are seen enjoying a toy horse ride.

Stella, now 11, has been through the bullying of her lifetime just on the basis of her looks and not character, she says. Even after repeatedly changing schools in a hope to start over, she faced the same bullying from her new classmates. Often she was tagged with playing the victim card when it was not at all the case. Two years back when she was 9, Stella wanted to inspire other women and become a business leader, but now she is just going through panic attacks and long periods of depression. She associated her trauma from the boys in her class who developed a habit of mocking her on her physical appearance.

Tori then describes Liam’s story, eldest son of her husband Dean McDermott, who recently turned 12. She describes him as a feisty, creative, smart, outgoing and a boy with a pleasing sense of humour. Labelled as unmotivated and lazy by his principal from same school that Stella joined, he also got bullied the same amount which led to severe headaches from stress and stomach pains. The school didn’t help them in any regards as the bullying continued which forced them to make the decision of leaving.

Tori describes this coming out a bit difficult because people expect celebrities to not face the problems their fans or non-celebs go through, but she goes on to talk about how these issues are faced by a vast majority of people and there is nothing shameful to give them the voices they need, even if you are a celebrity kids, or a celebrity yourself. Tori’s Instagram account is filled with sweet family photos, and you can tell what a hands on mom she is! The family recently enjoyed a relaxing getaway in Cancun, Mexico, and seemingly had a blast as they soaked up the sun. Despite their traumatising experience, Liam and Stella are so lucky to have a supportive family in mom Tori, dad Dean, their siblings, and grandma Candy Spelling.

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