To Chetan, With Respect, Signed, Rahman

A.R. Rahman has had one heck of a decade, if we may say so. All he does is..

A.R. Rahman has had one heck of a decade, if we may say so. All he does is win! What with his Filmfares, his BAFTA, his Oscars, and all the many others, he is now one pro being honored,  graciously receiving accolades, one after the other. Recently, though, A.R. Rahman did the honors of gracing someone else for their own art, and not on any other platform but on the annual 2010 TIME 100 magazine!

This lucky acknowledged man that we speak of is none other than Chetan Bhagat, the author of many a bestselling novels, like Five Point Someone, One Night @ A Call Centre, and his recently released, 2 States.

Chetan Bhagat won acclaim from the music maestro through an article that Rahman was asked to write by TIME Magazine! This article was featured in Time's 2010 100 Issue, in which TIME celebrates the current year's top 100 influential people. Every individual who has been written about in this issue is written by someone who featured in TIME's previous top 100 lists. A.R. Rahman, having been a part of TIME's 100, 2009, has passed the flame on to Bhagat.

Great job, Chetan!

It is always a matter of pride to witness ones' own men make phenomenal contributions and earn recognition on renowned international platforms. This is the situation we have here, as Chetan Bhagat is one name among TIME's top 100 influential individuals of 2010. Of course, to win this prestigious spot at the hands veteran Rahman himself, can only go miles in topping the honor.

For all the controversy revolving around insufficient credit for his novel Five Point Someone, post the release of 2009's blockbuster 3 Idiots, Chetan can surely and finally smile again. And continue to, for a long time to come - for such is the mark he makes!

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