Titli: Cheeku enters Garv and Titli's house, Titli decides to know of his family

In the upcoming episodes of Star Plus' show Titli, Cheeku will be seen enetring Garv and Titli's house.

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Ishaan Singh Manhas, Neha Solanki and Avinash Mishra

The Star Plus series 'Titli' continues to captivate its audience with its engaging storyline, featuring Avinash Mishra and Neha Solanki in the lead roles. In the current plot of the show, Titli is making earnest efforts to help Garv overcome his childhood trauma and find healing. In a previous report by India Forums, it was revealed that Garv, owing to his promise to Titli refrains from giving it back to the goons. However, Titli comes there in time and saves him. 

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India Forums brings you an exclusive update on the show, and this time it's all about a surprising twist. Our sources reveal that Chikoo is about to make an unexpected entrance into Garv and Titli's household during the visarjan festivities.

The story unfolds when Cheeku manages to escape from a mental asylum, finding himself hungry and wandering the streets in search of food. Sadly, he receives no help or attention from anyone. It's at this moment that a kind lady offers him a modak treat. However, as fate would have it, the modak slips from Cheeku's grasp and is snatched away by a mischievous mouse.

In hot pursuit of the elusive modak, Cheeku chases the mouse, leading him to inadvertently enter Garv and Titli's residence. The family, just finishing their visarjan rituals, is taken aback when they witness Chiku's unexpected entrance and the ensuing commotion. In a frantic attempt to capture him, they start chasing him around the house. Ultimately, Cheeku manages to lock himself in a room upon overhearing that some doctors are on their way to take him back to the asylum.

Following this incident, Titli makes a significant announcement: Cheeku will not leave their household until they can reunite him with his family.

The burning question remains: Will Titli, Garv, and the family uncover the truth about Cheeku's background and family?

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