Imlie: Amrit decides to spare Agastya's life if Imlie shoots Agastya, points a gun at him

In the episode of Star Plus' show Imlie tonight, Imlie and Agastya will find themselves in a lot of emotional turmoil.

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Adrija Roy as Imlie

Agastya, deeply concerned for Imlie, makes frantic attempts to reach her through a phone call. Meanwhile, Imlie is bound to a chair, struggling to break free from her restraints. Agastya, desperate to locate her, spots Meera and contacts her. Meera, concealing her identity, avoids direct interaction. Agastya queries if she has seen a girl around, and Meera, emotionally moved, discreetly points in a particular direction. As Agastya investigates, he discovers divorce papers scattered in the bushes and Imlie's phone lying on the ground. Upon checking her mobile, he finds a message from an unknown sender and promptly dials the number.

Imlie, realizing her attacker's phone is on the floor, sees Agastya's incoming call and answers, revealing that she has been kidnapped. Assuring her rescue, Agastya tells her not to worry as he is on his way.

In a face-off with her captor, Imlie questions his motives and identity. The attacker, unveiling his face, shocks Imlie by revealing himself as Amrith. He blames her and Agastya for ruining his life and discloses that Agastya had a fake marriage for business purposes. He claims to love Imlie and proposes marriage, which she rejects, leading to the destruction of his marital life. Imlie, fearing Agastya's arrival, expresses hope that he doesn't show up.

As Agastya approaches the scene, he hears Imlie singing loudly as a signal of danger. Amrith, agitated, orders her to stop. Recognizing the song as a distress signal, Agastya becomes alert. Breaking through a glass wall, he confronts Amrith and begins to subdue him. However, Imlie intervenes, preventing Agastya from harming Amrith further. The shocking revelation unfolds as Agastya discovers Amrith's true identity as the attacker.

Amrith retaliates by threatening to expose Agastya's sham marriage unless he reveals the truth to Daadi. Tied to a chair, Agastya exposes the truth to Daadi over a phone call. Amrith, unsatisfied, wishes harm upon Daadi. In a surprising turn, Agastya and Imlie act as if blaming each other and manage to free themselves. Amrith, infuriated, attempts to attack them, but Agastya retaliates fiercely.


Amrit offers to spare Imlie's life if she agrees to kill Agastya. Holding Imlie's hand, he aims a gun at Agastya, raising the tension to a critical point.

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