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'This season of KBC is for the common man'- Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan gives his take on hosting Kaun Banega Crorepati this season on Sony TV…


The Big B of Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan shares the changed outlook of the show, the category of participants and his hosting experience on Television in his usual humble tone…

How difficult was it for you to earn the first 1crore in your life?
It was very difficult had to struggle a lot in this industry. In fact it took me around 20-25years to earn 10 lakhs. The travel road to 1crore was much more difficult.

For this season what suffix are you planning to use while introducing the show are you going to mention the season?
Now really I sense the title Kaun Banega Crorepati is sufficient enough but still I feel we could say KBC 2010.

How is the experience to get back to KBC?
It is a very nice feeling. I'm getting back to the show almost after 10 years and so I'm very amazed by the audience response to the same. I'm really thankful to God and my fans for all the love and support and I hope they enjoy it thoroughly.

Do you think this show has the capability to fulfill the dreams of a common man?
I feel you have asked a very apt question mainly because this year the channel has taken special care of this matter. They have tried their level best to conduct the auditions in the interiors of our country. Also in the episodes which we have shot till now maximum contestants are from these small villages but with high knowledge and they have won great amount of money.

There was a person who couldn't pursue his IES exams due to financial crisis. When he sat on the hot seat he said he would use the prize money for his further studies so, in that way I feel the show is serving its purpose.

You have always believed in the saying 'Mann ka ho toh bhi Acha, Naa Ho toh aur bhi acha', so do you think it's applicable to this show also?
That's a very old saying that our father preached us. And I think it always applicable in all walks of life. One should be happy with the will of god he gives every man what he deserves more then what he desires.

The show till date has found just one crorepati that too during season 1. So do you wish the history to repeat this season?
Of course why not, I would wish 5 people to win the title of crorepati along with the prize money.

Could you tell the kind of contestants you have come across this season?
As I said earlier most of the participants have come from small towns. But they are much focused, full of knowledge and big dreams. I think we all should thank the mobile technology due to which we could gather people from the interiors of our country. So somewhere I feel we can regard this season as KBC for the common man.

Do you think if the prize money is increased the participants count would also increase?
Yes there is a possibility of that happening.

This season is going to be launched on 11th October so were your inputs involved in the decision making process?
No I had no involvement in the launch discussion. My duty is just to wear the clothes and host the show when asked to (smiles).

KBC has been quite lucky for you on professional front so what expectations do you hold from this season?
Now I would say that this season would be unlucky (laughs) so I hope the previous feeling continues.

Sir, the kind of popularity you have gained in this industry isn't a very easy task. So to whom would you give the credit for your success experience, hard work or luck?
I think first credit would go to God then love and upbringing by my parents and lastly I sense experience is also very important. Because it helps the man to chose his future path and also pass on his experience to the younger generations.

I have come across amazing experiences through the contestants of the show this season. As informed earlier that, this season the team has made a video clip of all the participants regarding their lifestyle, problems and things related to them. And one gets to learn a lot from their life experiences. They are more enthusiastic and focused then us.

I still remember the time when I had stood for elections and had visited a village to campaign for the same. The people there used to treat the single light bulb as god because at night it was the only source of light under which the people used to study. Such situations just put you in a state of shock. So I feel this show is quite beneficial for such people.

You have even hosted Big Boss and now KBC again what is the difference and what's more exciting?
I think both the shows have different from each other in all prospects. In Big Boss the fun was more inside the house I have just a mediator or supervisor of the whole event. KBC is completely different so I think there is no comparison.

Would we be having any celebrity this season or any one from the Bachchan family on the hot seat?
Yes there would be celebrities but I have no clue about the same as of now.

Any specific celebrity you would like to invite on the show?
All are invited on the show (smiles).

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Pooja Shenoy


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yipee 10 years ago he is sooooo humble and i love that about him...all the best to him for KBC this season
pooja_l 10 years ago thnx

giripriya 10 years ago I want to see Gurmeet Choudhary [Maan- Angry Young Man] playing KBC4 with original Angry young Man
ritamukund 10 years ago I will watch each and every episode since AB is the host. My husband will record and probably keep it in DVR since he is a die hard AB fan. Hope it will air in USA the same time in India.
bubbly@12 10 years ago my fav show and fav host are back again...yay!!!
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