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'The Witcher' Showrunner on The Big Twist In The Show

Even though the show has received mixed reviews, many have touted it to be the Game of Thrones equivalent for the streamer.


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Netflix's much-awaited and probably one of the biggest projects, The Witcher finally released on the platform a few days ago and the reviews of the same have been pouring ever since.

Even though the show has received mixed reviews, many have touted it to be the Game of Thrones equivalent for the streamer.

The Hollywood Reporter sat down with series creator and showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich to discuss the first season's major twists and turns (including those multiple timelines), how star Henry Cavill ultimately won the role after her team met with 207 other potential Geralts.

On if Cavill was the obvious choice always, she said, "No, not at all. Henry actually contacted Netflix very early in the process. He’s a big gamer and played all the games. He found out I was running the show and said I just want to sit down with her. We had a great meeting, talked for about an hour and I said it’s so great you’re this enthusiastic, but I don’t even have scripts. I don’t have a job to offer you. We then went off and wrote all the scripts and about four months later I called him again. At that point I had seen 207 other potential Geralts. There were some really great performances, but what I realized is that I started to have Henry’s voice in my head as Geralt. When I called him I was really embarrassed. I told him I was so sorry, I had to see a whole bunch of other people to know it was you and he was so grateful for that because it really meant he was meant to be Geralt. I looked at every possibility and the truth is that he is Geralt."

On the big twists and the challenge of adapting it for the screen, "The most important thing that I set out to do was the make the show surprising enough for existing fans but also I didn’t want to dumb it down for fans who have never experienced this world before. I am a firm believer in challenging audiences and I think that they can keep up. Audiences are incredibly savvy. One of the very early decisions we made is that we don’t subtitle anything, we don’t add chyrons in, we don’t tell you where you’re at every moment. I think it’s much more fun to watch the first few episodes and not realize you’re on two separate storylines until someone who is dead is alive again and much younger. To me, it’s just about telling the story in the best way and having faith that people are going to hang in and be there for it."

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