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The Race for Dr. Riddhima's post - Producer's take...

Constant demands to bring back the original Dr.Riddhima aka Shilpa Anand back on the show has left the producers in a fix! Read on to find out what the producer of Dill Mill Gayye has to say about the ongoing Shilpa mania ...

Published: Tuesday,Mar 17, 2009 20:57 PM GMT-06:00
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It's been more than nine months since the popular Shilpa Anand was replaced by Sukriti Khandpal as Dr. Riddhima in Star One's Dill Mill Gayye. However, till date the ardent fans of Shilpa have not been able to accept Sukriti as the new protagonist of the show and have been requesting the Creative team of Cinevistas to get their loved actress back on the show.

The Race for Dr. Riddhimas post - Producers take...
Siddharth Malhotra of Cinevistas, in an exclusive chit-chat with Telly Buzz opened up on this and said, "The fact of the matter is that we (Cinevistas) acknowledge that Karan and Shilpa had a great chemistry going, and looking at the requests in thousands made by fans of Shilpa (most of them coming from India-Forums), we genuinely gave it a try to get Shilpa back on DMG".

"We tried our level best to get her on board, but the simple fact is that Shilpa is not keen on doing television anymore. When we requested her even further, she quoted a figure which was too high for any production house to cope with. To tell you frankly, her figure is so big that it accounts to my whole actor budget in DMG", verbalizes the Producer.

Having said this, Sukriti Khandpal who now essays the role of Riddhima has managed to garner her share of fans and is doing a pretty good job. "Sukriti is doing a very good job, considering the fact that she was asked to fit into the shoes of Shilpa, who had by then got very popular amongst masses. We really appreciate her for the way in which she held her ground and moved on", states Siddharth.

Answering the pleas of all Shilpa fans, Siddharth conveys his sentiment as he says, "We have our doors open for her all the time. And as I said, we did try to get her back, but things did not fall in place. If you people want to see her back in DMG, please see to it that your requests reach Shilpa and she gets convinced. We have no objection whatsoever to take her back".

Well, so can we say that Shilpa fans now know what they need to do to get their favorite back on the show?? 

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Tanja @SugarDream 12 years ago Shilpa was the one and only/best Riddhima. She did an great job as ridz.. OLD IS GOLD
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siyona @siyona 12 years ago sukirti did an awesome job as riddhima..for me she was the best riddhima..
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Zeeshan @-Zeeshan- 12 years ago luv yu shona!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!luv yu a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!
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annejoy @annejoy 13 years ago thank you so much for return......we need more kash scenes.....
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Kiah @kashforlifex 13 years ago WE WANT SHILPA BACK AS RIDDHIMA :D KASH FOR ETERNITY!!
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Madhu @cute_madhu 13 years ago Any Real KaShain or actually any one who is genuinely concerned for Shona wud neva want her to cum bak to a crap show like DMG instead we shud ask her to get bak thru anoder show..
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sweety.gpt4444 @sweety.gpt4444 13 years ago please shilpa come back on DMG... we are waiting for you for last 2 years...dont break our hearts..<br/>we want to see you and karan together...please....
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karanloveshilpa @karanloveshilpa 13 years ago we want our real riddhima shilpa anand back in dmg.
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kash_meet10 @kash_meet10 13 years ago Hey i am a big fan of shilpa. plz come back.
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Euphoria. @Euphoria. 14 years ago luv ya shilpa and i dun think dat CV are saying da truth!!!
pls who in da right frame of mind would quote such high sums!
get ur facts rite :(
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