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Dj's brain storming - can the TRPs soar high with an extreme make over and inclusion of an action element?


Post Rajeev Khandelwal’s exit, DJ’S creative unit are doing whatever it takes to maintain their TRPs. Lately, the creative unit decided to give the show a complete make over. The six cadets who were once suspended form the academy, are now back under the eyes of law, the cadets chose to stay in the detention center as a part of their punishment.

Trying to keep it as realistic as possible, the production house spent nearly 10 lacs in getting the detention center made. Right from the lights, to the rooms, the ambience, the KMI academy sets, everything was changed over night to create the perfect detention cell set.

Persis, the creative head had to say, "We did a lot of research and found how it is such places. We wanted the whole feel and the atmosphere to be visible on screen. Thus a completely grim, dark and claustrophobic look, as how it is actually in a proper detention center was to be created. It was difficult to set the whole set, because we have been shooting back to back and the entire set could be made only in the night and within a short span of time." And that’s not all, the cadets are out of their army badges and crisp uniforms, to one piece orange jump suits. The cadets at first felt very uncomfortable with the whole idea of wearing a jump suit, but soon got acquainted with the new outfits and the detention set.
Trying to maintain the fresh look in the serial, we have found out from our sources, that Rahil Azam, the hatim of Indian Television will be joining the show to fill in the missing void. Not much info is revealed on the new character yet, but it is said so that Rahil will be playing a role filled with high voltage action and brand new stunts.
Rahil Azam remained unavaliable for the comment.
Will all of this boost up the TRPs and fill in the miss void post Rajeev's exit? To know more about the make over, tune into Left Right Left on SAB TV.
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nitasuni 2007-09-22T06:09:49Z best wishes to post make over lrl, eventhough i love the Rk period.
*Dakoo_Minzy* 2007-09-21T06:33:38Z watever they do!!!!the trps will never come up!!!
apppi 2007-09-21T04:19:34Z i want this show to end!!

i wud always love the rajeev-priyanka pair ,i hope at the end makers give a happy ending to naina-rajveer love story & show rajeev atleast in the last epi. atleast for naina.
galacticgem 2007-09-21T00:46:25Z NO LRL 4 me now......... NO RAJEEV NO LRL........I WANT RAJEEV BACK........
apppi 2007-09-20T21:19:29Z i don't like the pair of naina& huda, i don't like huda at all & huda can never take place the position of rajveer in naina's life , the show is dragging & it will become more dragging if the makers continue showing huda-naina pair.

rajeev -priyanka pair or i shud say rajveer -priyanka pair is a made for each other pair & naina's pair with someone else like huda is not even an inch of the charismatic rajveer-naina pair.
devilangel 2007-09-20T11:05:26Z rahil azam is joining the show? ! great, thats just what they need. and whats up witht he orange jerseys, its not the norvegian cricket team!!
maha_prakrti 2007-09-20T10:52:27Z Thanks for the info... Waise liked Rahil... Waiting to see his performance
o|oNaTaShAo|o 2007-09-20T09:46:55Z thx for the article....it was really good
SecretKhabri420 2007-09-20T08:24:02Z I dont really find the show much interessting after Rajeev is not in the show....
I don't really watch it, but I really like Vikas and Priyanka's jodi, I think they might attract some viewers to watch it....
Rachu_1987 2007-09-20T08:22:35Z hehe reminds me of prison break season 1.....i haven't watched the show but from what i've heard, i'm pretty sure this show can do well with RK even though he made the show a hit.
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