The Dazzling Jodi of Saagar-Vidya to Rock on 'Rakhi' sets

Its the Engagement function of Rajnandini in Rakhi; Watch out for the special dance performance of the famous jodi - Saagar and Vidya of Dulhann fame.


The most-loved Jodi of Sharad Malhotra and Divyanka Tripathi will be seen, giving a special dance performance in Zee’s afternoon serial, Rakhi. It’s celebration time in the serial Rakhi as the protagonist Rajnandini, played by Nupur Joshi is getting enganged.. Bhai Raja, Ayub Khan is excited and has not left a stone unturned in celebrating this memorable day of his sister’s life.

As the guests pour in to wish the engaged couple, the stage will be lit with a rocking performance by none other than the Dulhann Jodi – Saagar and Vidya. The Telly Buzz team managed to get Sharad’s quotes on his experience, on the sets of Rakhi...

So how was the experience, being a special guest on the Rakhi sets? “Basically, I got a call from the channel; but I was little skeptical to agree for this special shoot, because we were working round the clock for Dulhann. But when I got to know that one of the ex-director of Dulhann was in Rakhi, I agreed to do this dance performance. The experience was rocking, I really had a ball there..”, says Sharad in his characteristic pleasing tone. “It was great to meet Ayub Khan, I am a big fan of his, seen him in a lot of movies like Dil Chahta Hai. I took him to the dance floor, danced with him. Ofcourse, with Divyanka there, we enjoyed a lot”, the actor adds. What was the number you performed on? “We performed on the Salaam E Ishq number, the dance steps given were initially tough. But when I got into the groove, all was fine. I really love dancing, so I enjoyed it to the core. It was nice being a special guest, I feel good when I am in the limelight”, says Sharad. as he smiles. So why are we not seeing you in any reality shows, where you can dance more? “Well, maybe later. But now, I am really hard-pressed for time”, signs off the actor.

Catch the special episode of Rakhi this afternoon at 1.30, join in to enjoy the Engagement ceremony of the gorgeous Rajnandini; what's more, get rocking with the famous onscreen pair, Saagar and Vidya...

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Srividya Rajesh

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ritzy2ritz 2007-09-15T13:37:37Z awww they both indeed rocked the show...
kmishra 2007-09-13T20:09:46Z i watched it!!!! it was gr8!!! it isn't in the states so i don't watch it regularly but my mom watches it online in india time so she showed it to me ...it was very cute!!!
ammmu 2007-09-13T15:37:31Z and Sharad, you know how much I like to see YOU dance *blush* :$:$:$... I missed it, but will definitely watch... they're so adorable together in dancing too! thanks Sree di!
noodles 2007-09-13T14:07:09Z Wow this was great!! My all time favourite show, Dulhann with my new fave Rakhi- together!!! It was awesome.

Thank you!!
~*puja*~ 2007-09-13T13:08:48Z That should be cute... I'll have to start watching Rakhi... but it hasn't started here in the States yet!
-Srishty- 2007-09-13T12:36:26Z Really looking forward to watch it... This will bring more members to join Rakhi section too. Rakhi is really different from other shows.
jigglypuff726 2007-09-13T09:22:16Z i will surely watch this special episode!
~LiNa~ 2007-09-13T02:53:50Z i cant wait to watch this!!

thank you so much!

*Reemz* 2007-09-13T01:37:02Z Will definately have to catch this!!!

LOL Sharad likes the attention :P

Anyway cant wait. Thenkoooo!!
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