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The case of the missing tiffin...

Chaos on the sets of Zee Next's Pyaar Ishq Mohobbat, as the actors Krishna Sharma, Sampada Vaze and Shraddha Nigam fight over food...

Published: Wednesday,Jan 23, 2008 09:14 AM GMT-07:00
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It all happens in playschool where the kids steal other kids tiffin and parents complaining to the teacher concerned. A similar story happened in the sets of Zee Next’s new show Pyaar Ishq Mohobbat.

And this time it’s not the kids, but the actors who tried to get other actors lunch. The lead woman of the show Shraddha Nigam and Sampada Vaze were very much concerned as they found that their lunch was missing from their Tiffin box. Shraddha has a stock of special bread with blue berries which she orders from Germany and is also her favorite snack. She just has limited stock available, from which she carries a small portion to the sets everyday. And during her breaks, she never fails to have them for refreshment. But for the past few days, she was shocked to know that her favorite bread went missing. Confused Shraddha and Sampada decided to play the role of detective and find out who is the person behind this entire act. And to their surprise they found out that it was none other than their co-actor Krishna Sharma(was earlier called Sachin Sharma).

The case of the missing tiffin...
When asked Sampada what she wants to say about this funny incident, she said, “We cannot blame him. He lives alone and poor guy starves for good food. This used to happen with me too when I used to live by my own and never used to leave any opportunity of getting nice food”.

Shraddha and Sampada caught him red-handed when he went missing from the sets during the lunch breaks. Did Shraddha use her experience of playing the role of detective in Krishna-Arjun? “(Laughs) Yes, He used to be a happy man even after not having his lunch. He used to get our Tiffins from the back door and eat them up. So, it was ought to be him”. So, what does he get as a punishment? “We have asked him to take us for a dinner which I don’t know when it will happen (Laughs). But it is just part of the fun and frolic. I am having great fun working with my co-actors” adds Sampada.

Krishna Sharma blames it all back on Shraddha and feels it’s a strategy played against him. “It is not at all true. Shraddha is just playing a game. Rather, it is the other way round. I get halwa, kheer and all nice stuffs during the lunch while Shraddha gets only khichdi. And I am not interested in Khichdi though I don’t deny the fact that I take their food, it’s Shraddha who takes away half of my lunch. I find them missing always”. When asked if he will be taking them for the dinner he replied, “Yes, I will take them one day. But to tell the truth, it’s all played against me and one can know by asking anyone on the sets. I am just like my name and a very innocent guy”. Oh yes, don’t we know how mischievous Krishna is? “Yes, but ignoring that fact, I am a very true guy”.

This is what Shraddha had to say on Krishna’s reply. “No, he is just a liar. He steals away all my food. I keep starving for my food while he is well built and still takes away all our lunch (Laughs). Once it happened that Sampada got 8 pieces of cake and we found that only 2 were left. If he is not interested in khichdi, then please let him leave the food for me. One cannot steal the food like this”.

Maybe we will require a Nancy Drew to solve this whole mystery. But yes, this shows that even between the tight work schedules, the actors have fun on their own which adds a sense of humor to the serious sets.

Reporter and Author: Anu.Rad

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Daebak @Daebak 16 years ago awww.........she is such a fabulous person n a doting mommy!!
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Dhwani @Dhw@ni 15 years ago lol..!! its wht v used to do in school.. if ne1 had sumthng good in their dabbas.. that person wud b taken out of class and then the whole group wud finish the dabba..!! and then v'd b like.. i swear i only took a bite.. infact he ate most of it..!
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Khushi @khushix 15 years ago lok..that's funny..fighting 4 food.. hehe..
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Priyanka @pribhu 15 years ago haha...funny...everyone blaming each other=)
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Naina @sumonetolub 15 years ago hahahhha so cute........just like the show........naina
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neha @neha28 15 years ago omgg....these three hav gone nuts..stealin each others food..haha
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Ahmed @Too_Much 15 years ago Thanks...
lekin yeh log kabhi nahi sudrenge
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sugarsweet @sugarsweet 15 years ago lol....he probably changed it as a disguise to hide from the two ladies........lol
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