Tere Mere Saath Rahe fame Sumati talks about preserving culture and rituals this Dussehra

Sumati Singh, currently seen in ‘Kismat Ki Lakiro Se’, opens up on the importance of preserving the cultures and rituals carried out for Dussehra and other festivals.

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Sumati Singh

Over the last nine days, Navratri celebrations have been filling the air with colour and positive energy. Navratri comes to an end with Dussehra which marks the triumph of good over evil. Sumati Singh, currently seen in ‘Kismat Ki Lakiro Se’, opens up on the importance of preserving the cultures and rituals carried out for Dussehra and other festivals. She also shares some special memories of the festival.

Sumati starts by talking about the importance of burning the Ravan effigy, “Dussehra represents the triumph of good over evil, and the tradition of burning Ravana's effigies signifies this victory. Our culture holds a deep and meaningful significance. As a child, these stories helped me understand things. Watching the Ravana effigy burning with our parents in the market made things clearer as actions often convey more than words. I believe our culture should remain constant because Vishwakarma implies understanding, learning, and continuing the traditions passed down through the centuries. What we've been doing, reviving, and living with will lose its meaning if it changes.”

Talking about the evils she would like to end within her and aspects to improve on, she says, “I have several aspects of myself that I'd like to improve. I tend to overthink, and I want to overcome that tendency. I'm a highly sensitive person, especially when it comes to my loved ones, which sometimes leads to overreactions. I wish to work on changing these small habits, create a balanced life that includes time for myself, and eliminate these negative traits to make room for positive changes in my life.”

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The actress has some precious memories with her grandmother related to Dussehra, she shares, “I have fond memories of visiting pandals with my family during Durga Puja. My grandma would wake me up at 4 o'clock, and we would head to the fair, which was located near the Ganges River. We would return home by 6. This is a cherished memory with my grandma. Grandparents often taught us how to celebrate such occasions, especially in small towns, and the joy of those moments was something unique and truly special to me.”

Dussehra is yet another festival for everyone to savour sweet delicacies and Sumati says she is no different. “I'm a passionate food lover, and when it comes to desserts, rasgulla remains my all-time favorite. I hold a special memory from Durga Puja when I lived at home with my family. My dad used to bring rasgullas from a famous Bengali sweet shop. Even to this day, whenever I have the opportunity, I indulge in sweets from well-known sweet shops.”

Elaborating on the significance of the festival, Sumati shares a special message for everyone, “The message here is that we should cherish and preserve our cultural traditions, treating them as the valuable rituals passed down through generations. This is a sweet and significant part of our heritage that we should continue. Durga Puja isn't just a festival; it encompasses various spiritual and powerful aspects. We shouldn't overly modernize or complicate it. Each of the nine days holds spiritual significance, and we should comprehend it properly and savour goodness. As I commit to self-improvement this Dussehra, I wish you all a very happy Dussehra.”

In the midst of celebrations and activities, Sumati Singh emphasises the importance of rituals and traditions, and the positive impact these have on us. As festivities will be in the air over the coming weeks, her words will inspire many to remember the significance of festivals and preserve traditions.

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