Doree fame Mahi Bhanushali earns praise from Sudha Chandran for her remarkable talent

Sudha Chandran, who plays Kailashi Devi in Colors' Doree, praises Mahi Bhanushali for her remarkable talent and notes her ability to bring joy and sincerity to every scene, predicting a bright future for her in the acting arena.

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Mahi Bhanushali

Colors' 'Doree' has made the audiences think about the roots of patriarchy and the 'chhoti soch' that plagues society even today. The thought-provoking social drama outlines the journey of a six-year-old resilient girl, Doree (played by Mahi Bhanushali), who stands up against Kailashi Devi Thakurain's (played by Sudha Chandran) regressive mindset. While the veteran actor and child actor are rivals onscreen, offscreen they get along like a house on fire. Known for her illustrious career spanning decades, the seasoned actor heaps praise upon Mahi not just for her exceptional abilities but also for the cheer she brings to the set. Sudha commended the young actor for the naturality she has in front of the camera and applauded her professionalism.

Sudha Chandran plays the role of Kailashi Devi in Colors' Doree shares, “Throughout my career, I've shared screen space with many remarkable talents, it's wonderful to see young actors contribute incredibly to the profession that I've revered all my life. I feel the same way when I'm shooting for Doree. I think Mahi Bhanushali's talent transcends her age. She breathes life into every scene and has an infectious energy that uplifts the entire set. Her ability to bring joy and sincerity to her performance is nothing short of extraordinary. I'm sure she will earn the respect and admiration of many seasoned actors and newcomers. She has a very bright future in the acting arena.”

In the current storyline, a ‘Tula Bhar’ puja ritual has been performed in the Thakur Haveli after the birth of Kailashi Devi’s grandson. Doree mistakenly walks into the haveli and joins hands with Mansi, Kailashi Devi’s daughter-in-law. In the meantime, Doree’s father, Ganga Prasad, and Nani visit a mandir, not knowing that Neelu and Mansi’s husband, Anand, are planning to burn the sarees weaved by Ganga Prasad and Doree. Will Doree and Ganga Prasad be able to save their sarees before it’s too late?

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Totally agree with Sudha. Mahi is extremely good and there is definitely a bright future for her, if she pursues acting as a career into adulthood. Every scene of hers feels realistic and the bonding between her character and her foster father ( played by Amar Upadhyay) really feels like that of a father- daughter duo. Enjoying the show to the max.

5 months ago

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