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'Tekken' - Nothing new in this martial arts film (IANS Movie Review)

Film: 'Tekken'; Director: Dwight H. Little; Actors: Jon Foo, Kelly Overton and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa; Rating: *1/2


Film: 'Tekken'; Director: Dwight H. Little; Actors: Jon Foo, Kelly Overton and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa; Rating: *1/2

After his master is murdered, a young martial arts exponent enters a contest, to fight seemingly undefeatable opponents and after almost losing emerges winner and kills the murderer with a little help from a beautiful female love interest, who also happens to be a contestant. How many times have you heard and seen this plot in cinema before? Here's one more addition - 'Tekken'.

Of course, there are 'original' elements. Like it is not his master, it is the mother who's killed. A mother who also happens to teach him martial arts. And yes, it is a futuristic, 1984-styled city where messages like 'strength through order' blare out through loud speakers. You're not supposed to ask why in a city of the future they still have martial art games. Also, the law enforcers in the city are, well, clad in Ninja outfits. Ingenious, isn't it?

One has to admit though that this movie - adapted from Japanese Anime film of 1997 which was an adaptation of an arcade game - does not take itself seriously. It delivers its kicks, punches and explosions and like a nubile ninja gets out of your face before your eyes start drooping from its hackneyed plot. The film has very low ambitions and thus reaches it.

What is a martial arts movie without its dosage of pretentious one-liners that young teens can hang on their walls. 'Tekken' has its share. Sample this: 'If you can breathe, you can still fight. You lose only when you decide.' Touche.

There are action junkies who, like little kids who love watching anything that moves, look forward to familiar films with a protagonist beating the crap out of everyone else. This film is exactly designed to cater to that segment of the audience - that is in large numbers worldwide.

Thus for a film that is not looking to break new ground and instead tread on familiar ones and give audiences a 90-minute fantasy and action-filled escape, this one does quite a flawless job. Just for that it is worth a watch for fans of this genre. To watch, and immediately forget.


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