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Team Asim Wins BB Transportation Task; Gets an Advantage

While both the teams, Team Paras and Asim fought hard to win the Bigg Boss transportation services task, it is Team Asim who wins the task and an advantage that came with it...


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The BB transportation services task has led the contestants in the midst of trouble with their added aggression. While, Sidharth Shukla gets nominated for two weeks by BB for his aggression, Shehnaz Gill also received a punishment for not following Bigg Boss’ orders and is nominated for a week. 

In the task, the contestants were divided into two groups- Team Paras and Team Asim. Asim’s team included Sidharth, Aarti, Hindustani Bhau, Himanshi and Shefali. Whereas Paras’ team comprised Arhaan, Khesari, Tehseen, Mahira and Shehnaz. Asim and Paras were the sanchalaks of this task. When the task began,  both the teams had to collect stock from the godown in the garden area making sure that they pick up the maximum things. Both the teams had to stamp the stock picked by them with their teams stamp. When the second truck horn buzzer rings, both the teams had to load their stock in the truck and only one person was allowed to do so. 

The task will also have an impact on the captaincy of the house. In the midst of aggression, the contestants were finally able to reach a conclusion. 

Team Asim won the task and gets an advantage from the Bigg Boss. 

It will now be interesting to see what that will be. Can you speculate the advantage? Let us know in the comments below.

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sun2011 2 months ago Team Paras-Mahira with bb13 evict/nominate Sid. Team Asim wins and saves Sid like arti captain saved Asim. Bb13 always favoring Sid-Arti-Asim gang.
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