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Shehnaz Gill Gets Nominated For a Week!

After Sidharth Shukla, even Shehnaz Gill receives punishment from the Bigg Boss and is nominated for a week for not following Bigg Boss' orders...


Courtesy : Colors TV

The new task in the Bigg Boss house has definitely increased the level of spice and drama quotient in the house. The housemates are on their edge to win the task which will have an effect on the captaincy of the house as well. 

Shehnaz Gill lands herself in trouble and will get nominated for a week by the Bigg Boss. It was during the BB transportation task when team Paras lost a point and they had to choose one member to discard from the group. They chose Shehnaz which did upset her but she continued to perform the task. When the contestants were asked to gather in the living area, Shehnaz refused to listen to BB and was later called in the confession room. 

However, it is not the first time a contestant received punishment from the Bigg boss. During the same task, Sidharth Shukla's aggression in the task got him into trouble as well. The promos of Sidharth Shukla getting evicted by the Bigg Boss due to his aggression had been floating over the internet. There were also speculations of him being sent to the secret room. However, we reported that he is neither evicted from the show, nor will be sent to the secret room. Bigg Boss punished Sidharth by nominating him for eliminations for two consecutive weeks. 

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