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Teacher's Day 2020: Karan Tacker, Kay Kay Menon and others talk about the importance of teachers in our lives

Teachers have played an important role in all our lives and a lot of our success has come because of them. Read on what do actors have to share about the same.


We celebrate Teacher's Day every year as a gesture to pay our respects and gratitude towards everyone who has been instrumental in making us who we are. While everyone has a different story of how their Guru/Mentor enabled them to achieve their dreams and reach where they are today. And so, some of the actors from Hotstar Specials shows got talking about this day and the significance of teachers in their lives.

Kay Kay Menon who essayed the titular role of Himmat Singh in Special Ops, says, ''Being a teacher is not just a profession, but also a 'noble Cause". A Cause to educate, impart, and encourage the pursuit of knowledge and overall development of the mind, body, and soul. A teacher addresses and affects the basic edifice of our society. They set the path to how our Nation eventually gets groomed. My heartfelt gratitude to every teacher in my life, who have inspired and guided me!"

Rinku Rajguru, who portrayed the pivotal role of Netra in the rib-tickling comedy- Hundred, says, “Coming from a family where both my parents are teachers, as far as a teacher or a guru is concerned, it has always been my parents in my life. They are amazing teachers not just for me but also for people across that have been taught by them. They have been my guiding light, inspiration, guru, and most of all, my best friends. Their sheer strength, empathetic attitude, and kind personality will win you over. I can’t even begin to think about how grateful I am to them for supporting me and trusting me and being my pillar of strength.”

Special Ops heartthrob Karan Tacker, describing the role of his teachers, said, “If there’s one person whom we should thank each day after our family is my teachers and mentors. I honestly don’t have enough words to describe my bond with them. I can say they are ones behind whatever success I have achieved in my life. In fact, the charm of life is to keep earning so even today I rely strongly on people I consider my teachers and hold the guru shishya relationship very close to my heart. So, to sum it up, I would just like to say that I’ll be forever indebted to them”

Namit Das, who played the role of an antagonist in popular drama- Aarya, says, “I believe a good mentor can transform the life of a person by guiding and supporting them. I was lucky enough to have fantastic good mentors in my life, I owe my career to them, especially the ones who’ve taught me music. I look up to them and I’ll consider my life fruitful enough if I can be half of what they are.”

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