Take Ten: Manav

"I like it when people say You Have It In You" ~ Manav

Published: Saturday,Oct 25, 2008 11:55 AM GMT-06:00
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Take ten

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Favorite Co-star- Sama Desh Pandey
Favorite Movie- Bhavra
Favorite Song- Kya yehi pyaar hai, from movie “Rocky”
Favorite Color- I love all colours, I am not biased
Favorite Word- I don’t remember what word i use often..
Favorite Car- Skoda
Favorite Holiday destination- Manhattan
Favorite Work done by you - Bhavra
Favorite Festival- Uttarayan, which is the kite flying festival in Gujarat
Favorite Compliment – I like it when people say “You Have It In You”! As in when people meet me and they have seen a little bit of my work, (girls might say nice dimple and charms) but what I like the most is when someone has “You have it in you”.

Manav Gohil Desh Pandey

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