Surya - The Super Cop to investigate the death of 650 birds..

The first episode of Sony's new thriller show will be based on the death of 650 birds at the same time...

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Sony and Fireworks Productions' Surya – The Super Cop launches tonight at the prime time slot of 9 PM. The show which holds the distinction of being the first daily thriller show on Indian television will kick-start with a very unique story wherein nearly 650 birds fall from above and die at the same time.

We hear that the creative team got into some very extensive research work to shoot this particular scene.

Our source states, "The scene is set for a wedding to happen. Just before the muhurat, two deaths happen, and at the same time nearly 650 birds fall from above into the wedding premise. The modus operandi used for the deaths of the birds and humans are the same. And it is up to the investigative team headed by Surya (Harsh Chhaya) to get to the culprit".

The creative team had to make an extensive study on the type of migratory birds they can show in the scene. Since the shoot had to happen just before the sunset in the evening, they had to be clear about the kind of birds that can be shown at that particular time of the day. All the birds used for the scene were artificially made.

Talking about this, Amitabh Raina, Creative Director, Fireworks Productions told us, "Yes, we had to go thro' an extensive planning to shoot this scene, especially because we had to show the death of the birds just before the sun could set. So it was very crucial to get the timing and shot right. We had to make the fake birds of various types by doing a lot of research. The type of feathers to be attached to it, the kind of birds to be shown etc was worked upon. All the 650 birds had to fall at the same time and this was a very tough shoot to take. Mr. B. P. Singh directed it, and the scene has come out well".

Tune in to get your daily dose of the new thriller show from tonight at 9 PM…

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

Harsh Chhaya Sony TV 

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Vartika07 9 years ago Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee we got the forum and we are happy there.
You guys please come there too.
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binie 9 years ago 1st episode was good but could be done better... some youngsters were doing over acting... need to work on their diolouges pls.... show could be hit but pls work on youngsters in better way... let them show as cops not as college students who always arguing with each others....
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RadhaKrishan 9 years ago looking forward for the serial...but I am wondering where is the forum of this serial???
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Wistfulness 9 years ago BP singh seems to be less concerned about CID.
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zoot 9 years ago Show concept was good... but the show kept reminding of CID, the dialogues and their delivery was ditto like CID. Too many people on the show...maybe they can work on different cases and give us the much needed variety. Harsh Chaya was good, only one standing out and bringing his own charm to the role. Other actors kept reminding of ACP Pradyuman
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sehar mehrotra
sehar mehrotra 9 years ago There are toooooooooooooo many actors in the show............but fr a first episode it was good!!! lukin forward to the next episode!!!

BTW I was wondering that we don't have a forum for this show...........Who should we contact to make a forum for this show????
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rinku4u 9 years ago not getting the energy of officers ... & there are no. of people .... & too slow too ... the script would be good if its tight ...:)
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varshita 9 years ago I loved the concept and yesterday's story but Mr. B.P. Singh a suggestion for u please make it fast and reduce the extra people in the show.
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RiddhiB 9 years ago The serial is very slow paced. A suspense thriller shud be fast.
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smilee17 9 years ago sony is an expert in these kind of shows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
looking forward for next epi........
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