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Indian Idol’s Theatre Round proved to be as entertaining as promised to the viewers. The round started with 123 contestants from 25,000 that initially participated across India, Dubai and London and ended with 28 contestants,who now will move on to the next level – The Piano Round. Their fate in this round depends on the votes given by viewers. U vote and you get to choose the top 10 contestants of this round.

Indian Idol presents “Suron Ki Baarish” which is a special week dedicated to live performances given in this round. Yes, Piano Round will run live for 9 nights from June 1 to 9, 2007. All other shows (Ek Ladki Anjani Si, Virrudh, Durgesh Nandini) that normally play at these hours on Sony Entertainment Television will take a week’s break and resume their usual masaledar dramatic stories from June 11th. So find yourself a comfy seat in front of your television sets to be a part of Nine Nights of musical extravaganza where we celebrate and enjoy the best music and talent.

Piano Round will showcase 14 girls and 14 boys on alternate days and every day we will bid adieu to the contestant with the lowest votes. So you get to decide who stays and who leaves by giving your valuable vote.



Call 19024242525 XX (xx - contestant number) from BSNL / MTNL landlines—Tele-voting

Call 5052525 XX (xx - contestant number) from Mobile / Airtel landline—IVR

Call 1255525(BSNL/MTNL)-IVR

Voting lines will open from 9pm in the night of the show and close the next morning at 8am. For example for the first episode: voting lines will open from 9.00 pm on June 1 and close at 8.00 am on June 2.

The fate of these contestants lay in the hands of the viewers unlike earlier rounds were judges where they decided who moved forward and who didn’t. Now, the judges are very anxious as well as excited to see the viewers choose their favorites. They are anxious as they want to ensure that the audience makes the correct selection. Udit Narayan, a famous Bollywood playback singer and Indian Idol judge says, "We have got some really talented and confident contestants from across the country and even overseas this time. Now the mammoth task is to chisel diamonds out of carbon. We have done our bit and we have now put the mantle on the audiences. I am sure they will make the right decision in choosing their 'Bharat ki Shaan’.”

Another judge, Anu Malik, one of India’s leading music composer, requests the voters to judge carefully just as they did: "Humne sambhalke chune hai, aap bhi sambhalke chuniye. Suron ki baarish hone ko hai, inhe dil lagake suniye."

Most of these contestants are between the ages of 17 and 27 and will be debuting on national television. Here are the names and details of the contestants.

14 Girls Vs 14 Boys

One of these 28 contestants will be our next Indian Idol – Bharat ki Shaan. Who is Bharat ki shaan? Albert Almeida, Executive Vice President and Business Head of Sony Entertainment television said, "In the third season of Indian Idol, we have set out on a journey to search for that one voice which will truly live up to the proposition of Indian Idol, 'Bharat Ki Shaan'. Our judges have been diligent and have fulfilled their responsibility of bringing the best potential candidates on to your television screens until the Piano Round. While they will continue to voice their opinions, the ultimate decision will rest with the viewers who will cast their precious votes. With voting lines being open, we are sure the world's largest democracy will tune-in and call in large numbers to pick their next Indian Idol."

So, as the contestants go through a tenuous and fun-filled few weeks of various levels of singing to test their talent, you get to enjoy as well as experience the tension and excitement as participants move through different rounds. Along with their performances along you can also gaze at the extravagant sets and dazzling costumes for the next few weeks.

The Top 28, chosen by the judges, is now before you…

It's Nine Nights of Non-Stop Excitement


Stay tuned to Indian Idol every night

from June 1 to June 9 at 9.00 p.m

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Writer: Khair
Contact Writer: PM Khair

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how is it 9 nights??? when there is no show on 3rd??? :S

anyways, I am looking forward for each one of it.

thanks for the info :)

17 years ago

thnx a lot for d very detailed info....sad, though, that viruddh'll have to take a week's break

17 years ago

thanks for the info.. cant wait to watch this!

17 years ago

thanks a lot for the dev team for the detailed info about the show..

Yipeee... 9 days continues masti & magic..


17 years ago

thanks a lot for the info!! i can't really wait to watch this piano round. Thank u sooooooo much.

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thnx for the info..
ill surely watch it now..

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Awesome man!! Vill be looking forward to it...A very well informative article i must say!!

17 years ago

thnxx a lot for tha wud b wunderful 2 watch tha contestants perform LIVE.........

17 years ago

just cant wait to watch II
people in india vote for emon !!
he shud definitely come in the top 10 !!!!

17 years ago

tnx for the info !
yust can not wait to waticing

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