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Sumit and Kumkum to relive their undying love..

As the re-incarnated characters of Kumkum and Sumit get set to make an entry in the show, the Telly Buzz team gives a drift of the new characters. Read to know more...

Published: Wednesday,Mar 05, 2008 18:44 PM GMT-07:00
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As Sumit and Kumkum’s love story comes to a tragic end due to Pulkit’s obsessive love with Kumkum, the two protagonists are shown dead. But as the track proceeds the audience will get to see their favourite couple re-incarnated back on screen. The Telly Buzz team gives the viewers an insight to what lies ahead.

Sumit and Kumkum to relive their undying love..
While the whole family accepts the death of Sumit and Kumkum, badi dadi does not believe this. The Kulguru furthers this by saying that Kumkum and Sumit are eternal lovers and nothing can separate them. In commemoration to the lovers, the family decides to open a dharamshala at the shrine which marks the place of their death. 9 months later, two families come to the dharamshala and the women from both the families go into labour and deliver a boy and a girl, and hearing Sumit and Kumkum’s story, decide to name their kids after them.

Both Sumit and Kumkum’s personalities are a contrast to each other as is clear from Rajesh Chadda, the Supervising Producer's description of the character sketches, as he says, "Sumit is brought up in a rich family in , while Kumkum spends her time living in a small town. Sumit’s father is a rich businessman and he has always lived in the lap of luxury while Kumkum, on the other hand, is born in a male dominated family and her father is a mere halwai. As a kid, Sumit is an innocent little one who is very shy and dumb. But once he grows up, he turns out to be the talk of the town and a totally happening dude with all the girls swooning over him. Kumkum is a complete prankster right from the time she is a kid, and is her usual bubbly chirpy self who doesn’t care much for rules and regulations even after she grows up."

Being so different and so far apart, how Sumit and Kumkum finally meet is the fascinating story we will see in the upcoming episodes of Kumkum.

Reporter and Author: Melanie

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rishani @andriya 15 years ago Thanks!!
It's great,cat wait to the epsiode!!!
Love SU-KK!!!
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illuminated. @illuminated. 15 years ago Chill KK and BMTD fans.

So what even if KK is copying BMTD, BMTD also copied Om Shanti Om the movie! Doesnt matter.

Please dont create this article comment box into a fight box!
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Rahila @Rah_HuJu 15 years ago why don't people understand that Kumkum had the reincarnation story coming for a long time now...it has been in the news since last year....so that obviously means that dulhan's copying KK...all the romantic scenes even are a straight lift-off from SuKk scenes.....
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Jasmine @Jasmine... 15 years ago wowwww.waiting for it very desperately now...
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sana @sq174121 15 years ago man thats typical....ive heard that story nd seen it a million tyms alreay....cum on guys think of sumthing new and interesting..:P
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norzar @norzar 15 years ago hi

thansk for this

seems interesting

looking fowrad to it

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maha786 @maha786 15 years ago This content is hidden.
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shelly @desilife4eva 15 years ago wait so hussain and juhi will still be playing the roles rite??
or is some other actor goin to play their roles :S
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Noori Khan @CrazyNoori 15 years ago um sorry to say dis but dey ave copied banoo mein tumhare dulhan completely like wid da who reincarantion scenerio
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rouble_lover @rouble_lover 15 years ago hahaa, ofcourse they'll copy dulhann ;) Thats like the best show on air till now. :D
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