Sujata sees a change in time slot

Just few weeks after ending one show, Sony has decided to change the time slot of yet another popular show, Sujata, and telecast it in the evening slot. Does this indicate the show's end in the near future?? Read to know more...

The launch of the new Punjabi drama, Meet
Mila De Rabba pushes out Sujata from the 10PM slot on Sony Entertainment Television. The BR Chopra production show will now air at the 7.30 PM slot. The channel had already started airing the repeats at the early evening slot, in preparation for the change. According to Fiction Head, Sanjay Upadhyay, "We have decided to air the show only at 7.30 for we don't want the audience to be fragmented".

On the questions of 7.30 being a weak slot he said "I will not call it a weak slot but a developing one. The same thing had happened with 8 pm slot. Earlier, we would fill it with kids content but it rocks right now."

Lead actress Indrani Haldar refused to comment on the change in slot saying, "This is a channel decision and they have the authority to do what what they feel is  right".  Aman Verma says, "It was quite surprising that the channel did not bother to inform us( lead caste) of the change in timing, we came to know of it only through press reports."

Sanjay admitted that the Sujata had not done well when it came to the TRPs. " It is a very good show. Our research also shows that it is well appreciated yet sadly it did not reflect in the ratings."  Indrani also added  "Sujata is well watched. Whereever I go, people comment on it.I have never understood the concept of TRP."  Aman quipped, "I would love to meet those who people who tabulate the data."

Just 2 weeks ago the channel had replaced Waqt, that was telecast at 10.30 with repeats of   Tadka Lage Ke. "We expect  the rating of this repeat reality show will be similar to new episodes of Waqt", adds  Sanjay.

He also denied that change in Sujata's timings is a precursor to end. "We will give it some more time before taking a call." On an ending note Aman laughs as he says, "If this is the channel policy, I need to start looking for new work."

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Indrani Haldar

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Aman Yatan Verma

Comments (5)

the new show meet mila de rabba is a rly gooooooood show!!!!

15 years ago

meet mila de rabba is a really good show.

i just love geet.

15 years ago

I really dont care as long Sujata Airs i dont care but how can they just do it?? in fact how can they do it to a good show like Sujata and shift it because of that stupid Meet mila de Rabba i just hate that stupid new show !! and i really dont understand Sony how can they do it to their one of their best shows...

15 years ago

They should atleast inform the viewers about the time change!!

15 years ago

thanks... looks like Sony is ending another show!

15 years ago

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