Sudha Chandran opens up about being part of Dangal's Crime Alert!

Sudha Chandran, who is hosting Crime Alert on Dangal TV

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Actress Sudha Chandran, who is hosting Crime Alert on Dangal TV, says that the journey has been very enriching for her. This is the first time she is part of such a show, and while she loves it, the subject can get emotionally draining as well.

“This is a new genre for me. Being an anchor and the face of the show, Crime Alert, was very challenging. When I started anchoring, I realized the crimes that are taking place in the country. Unless you’re not personally affected, you don’t dwell on these things usually. But when I narrate the crimes, it’s shocking and emotionally draining too because while anchoring I can go through that agony that the victim and his family go through,” she says.

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Talking about working with Dangal TV, she says, “Working with Dangal TV has always been a pleasure. All my firsts have been with Dangal TV. I came in as a producer thanks to Manish Singhal sir, I turned from an actress to a producer. The second new thing I did again was anchoring Crime Alert on Dangal TV. So, for me Dangal TV was, is, and will always be special.”

Crime-related shows always have audiences, but the subjects need to be dealt with carefully, says Sudha “When you read a crime, the impact is less which I presume but when you see the crime being portrayed, it’s an eye opener. If you see Crime alert, it is not just to propagate crime but in the end, we always try to give a social message that crime is killing society. We show how certain things need to be changed and we can’t wait for the police to do something. As a citizen of this country, one should take a stand for it as well,” she says.

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