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Subuhi Joshi SHUTS all the mouths with her explosive MESSAGE

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Actress Subuhi Joshi and comedian-actor Siddharth Sagar sealed their relationship only recently in the most amazing manner, as they for engaged in front of family and friends. However, the path to togetherness for the duo hasn't been a smooth one, as the world is aware of the many problems and hurdles that Siddharth had to go through personally before the same.

However, it seemed this happy occasion wasn't enough to shut the mouths of haters too, as some people continued to make an issue and slam Subuhi about anything and everything possible.

Recently, some people would criticize Subuhi on how she has been with 'other men' before this engagement of hers amongst other nasty things. On that note, Subuhi went on to address those issues and went on to give an explosive message to the people out there, and it needs to be read-
Hopefully, this shuts all those mouths once and for all!
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Siddharth Sagar

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Shaina_b 2018-11-19T09:38:27Z I wonder why they never tell anything to the men when they have been in tons of relationships before their wedding!!!

No wonder our society is running 300 years behind!!!!

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