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Star Plus Afternoon Shows - Report Card!

As people say you are judged by the result you get, and not by how much of effort you've put in! So let's see how well some of the shows in the afternoon slot of the No.1 channel Star Plus is faring...

Published: Sunday,Sep 07, 2008 11:47 AM GMT-06:00
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Star Plus Afternoon Shows - Report Card!
We all are afraid of Report Cards, in the same way every show and its makers go thro' the same emotion, whether their show has lived up to audience expectations or not!! We at Telly Buzz thought of giving out a Report Card for shows as well, where we will analyze their story narration, direction, screenplay and acting as viewers are the original "Kings"..
To start with, we have taken Star Plus and its Afternoon Slot  from 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm IST, and we will analyze the shows on various grounds like story, resemblance to any other show or movie, repetitive tracks if any and finally how well the actors are portraying their roles !


Story: After the reincarnation, the show has really picked up well. The story mostly focuses on  the comic element which is new for the viewers of this show. The change from the old Sumit-Kumkum to the new reincarnated avatar of Sumit-Kumkum is worth an applause. The creatives have managed to give surprise elements in the story so far and really have given this serial a breath of fresh air!!


Repetition: As of now, nothing has been repeated, which is thanks worthy by the audiences to the creatives. The story is fresh and charming in every aspect, and what surprises is the humor element associated and the manner in which the lead pair are portraying their characters so impressively. Also the charm is more as the screenplay is great as well. Though the concept of contract marriage is shown in many shows before this, but here they have given it a new look and that is where lies the success.


Resemblance: Re-birth is a type of Leap without greying of hair.. If you don’t know where to take the story ahead, then kill the lead and show them taking birth all over again! But when it comes to TRPs, the rebirth track of Kumkum has really made the difference to the otherwise drag script...


Acting: All the actors are doing an amazing job; the lead pair is totally fantastic in their new avatar, doing comedy, emotions in a perfect zing. The only thing which would be prayed for is less use of body doubles which literally irritates the viewers to no extent. Husein in the new reincarnated avatar looks like the cute and  romantic Shahid in every way.

Soap Ratings : This show gets 2 and a half  soaps from us!




Story : Initially the show started on a promising note and is still reigning on the TRP charts!!! Story wise, its nothing new; the elder Jethanis trying to tame their Devrani Bhakti and wanting to use her as their slave forever. But what makes it gripping is the complete new cast and very innovative and novice screenplay and simplicity in story.. Thank god, there is no secret lying under the bed or behind doors or in the same house till now!


Repetition: As far as repetition is concerned, nothing much has got repeated. And we hope it doesn’t follow any, but having said this, the Devrani-Jethani version of story has always been a tried-and-tested formula in television!! But the high point in Humari Devrani is the Screenplay of this show which is its USP!

Resemblance: The show looks loosely inspired from the early 80's movies of Govinda, Mithun and Rishi Kapoor like Swarg, Ghar Ek Mandir and others.


Acting : All the actors are from theater, so definitely have a strong hold over the show. But the actors who with their innocence take the cake are Mohan and Bhakti. They surely are the scene stealers, as they are very new, and look very real portraying the charming and innocent characters.. This show is more watchable, not for the story but for these cute and adorable actors on screen...

Soap Ratings : This show gets 3  soaps from us!


Story : A story of a family which comprises of Women and their trial and tribulations in the world, when the only male of the family passes away. Nice concept but very badly and brutally handled, it's like they are behind  men of this show and shy away from showing them. All the males are either left in the lurch by makers or get killed! Gaurav, Raunak, Karan are nowhere to be seen, while the likes of  Rishi does nothing,appears in every episode in just a Blink-and-you-miss appearance. As far as Manas is concerned, spot him if you can, while Tayajii is left to eavesdrop on the girls and has finally left, maybe he had enough of eavesdropping!

Repetition: As we said before, the story is fresh but not being utilized by the makers and writers; they seem to be confused as what to show next, they take up something, drag it and suddenly end it in hurry! Veera and her antics are very same and give you the impression of 'You'd seen them just yesterday'!

Resemblance: There is hardly any scope of being different, so you can find the resemblance in every nook and corner. It now seems to be based more on three sisters than on their Grihasthi.

Acting : It’s a combination of great actors and fresh actors; on one hand you have Anand Suryanvanshi doing his job with utmost ease and finesse, Vaidehi like a veteran always calm, cool, collective but very effective and Shahbaaz Khan is very fierce in his expressions !  New actors of the show have not lived up to their mark, they look hesitant and less on confidence; and they could become the difference between success and failure of this show in times to come! 


Soap Ratings : This show gets 1-1/2   soaps from us!




Story : Nothing, don’t know why its still running in the slot!! First Shiv and Gauri got married, then Gauri was widowed with three kids in hand, she then married to seek revenge and now they are the cozy twosome, with problems coming and going. The latest Twist is inspired from the movie Judaai, which is again exploited by many shows beforehand!


Repetition: Its like going on and on and on and on....killing, seeking vengeance over one another, creating big dramas, and playing hide and seek is currently the cusp of the show. Looks like writers are reusing the other K-shows' screenplay here with just the actors, time and channel being different.

Resemblance: Well this show is going on the Judaai track right now, and before that we have seen many shows where leads from being super rich..suddenly become super poor!


Acting: Good actors are not used properly here. When you have actors like Yash Tonkk and Pallavi Subhash, you can use them more tactfully, but alas!!, they are just not utilizing their talent to full potential. Plus the rest brigade has numerous replacements that one doesn’t understand who was who before...If all this stops, we would be happy.

Soap Ratings : This show gets 1 and a half  soaps from us!

*1 Soap Stinky one ,1-12/soaps -somewhere in between, 2 Soaps Slippery with no fragrance ,2,1/2 :with little fragrance,3 Soaps sandal wood with rose petals , 4 Soaps must use/watch 

Author: Resham, Nishtha
Banner Credit: Shagun
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kavya @kavya.b 15 years ago thnx 4r the article
very true that loving mumkum more n more now
the actors r doing a good job
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Minnie @Minnie 15 years ago great article Nish! Verry funny !! hahahaha !
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MMS @gr8_mms 15 years ago yeah i agree they are absolutely right abt kaa
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Inspector Sahib
Alexi @Inspector Sahib 15 years ago they're exactly right about Karam Apna Apna
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Dina known azz **Angel or Shaz @xAngelicANGELx 15 years ago 2 be honest kaa deserve more the story line is real and not pathetic!!!
i fink kaa is the best 4rm all of them
the show rockz lmao!!!
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poorvi @sweetpoorvi 15 years ago kumkum rocks....it should get 3 soaps at least.
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amoo @gurfanz 15 years ago kaa is most top after show slot compare to other show and i lve gauri annd samar cemistry and the show rockz .
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Aditi @adoremevirgo 15 years ago kumkum is the best of afternoon slot
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preeti @preeti4huju 15 years ago reallyyyy truly truly kumkum rocks ......it deserves till ..much soaps ..................its comedy .....emotion ...beauty ...love ....everything in kumkum ..........really aftr reincarnation ..........we got love the leads too much ..&lauh too much .............its the best serial ....with 6 packs of ...acting
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Rahila @Rah_HuJu 15 years ago Kumkum rockz!!!!Husein-Juhi rock even more!!!!Awesome article but would've given Kumkum & Hamari Devrani 4 soaps! ;-)
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