Star Parivaar Awards 2007 - Results at a Glance!

Get a Glance at few Top Results of the Star Parivaar Awards 2007!!!

It’s the Season for Awards, Time for Masti, Time to have Fun!!! It’s now the time to felicitate and applaud all your loved characters on TV. So get ready to Rock, as we are now just a few days away from witnessing the Gala Event of Star Parivaar Awards 2007.

Since its inception in 2003, Star Parivaar Awards has always been a much-anticipated Annual Event that celebrates the excellence and contribution of each and every member of the Star Family. SPA celebrates its 5th Anniversary this year. The Awards this year has been planned on a much bigger, better and larger than life scale. This year, the STAR Parivaar Awards have been divided into the Hall of Fame categories and Popular categories.

Get ready friends, as we now bring you some inside news on some of the Results of Star Parivaar Awards 2007. The Gala Event was organized in the NCPA Stadium on May 11th. The evening witnessed the whole TV Industry coming together to have a Blast.

So here is an insight on the results that we managed to get:

Favourite Buzurg Award was won by Baa of Baa Bahu Aur Baby.

Favourite Chhota Bachcha is the darling of all, the Veer Yodha Prithviraj.

Naya Sadasya is the character who makes an entry into a serial and spontaneously makes a place in the heart of the viewers. So who Dun it this time? Well, Prachi won the Naya Sadasya Female Award, while Lakshya the lover boy of many girls, the Kisna for many Radhas won the Award for Best Naya Sadasya Male.

Maa is the one who nurtures her kids, imbibes values and discipline into her kid. Now, who is the Maa who managed to capture the hearts of all viewers? Yes, Prerna was adjudged the Best Maa Award.

While Prerna won the hearts of her kids as the Favourite Maa, Rishabh Bajaj won the Best Pita Award.

Beti is the “Life of the House”. So who is the Beti who managed to live upto all the expectations? Well, Baby of Baa Bahu Aur Baby is indeed the Favourite Beti of our SPA.

Favourite Bhai Award was won by the Elegant and Dashing Rishi of Kahiin Toh Hoga .

Favourite Devar Award was won by Kamal of Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki while Favourite Devrani was Ganga.

Favourite Jethani Award was won by Leela of Baa Bahu Aur Baby.

Nandini who has been the Darling of all viewers was adjudged the Best Bahu. Well, Karan is married to Tanya and Nandini is not even a member of Shantiniketan now. So one interesting fact to ponder on, is that Nandini kiski Bahu hai?

To get the Best Pati is probably the Dream of every Wife. But how lucky will that Patni be, when her Pati is adjudged the Best Pati for the 4th time in 5 years. Yes, we are talking about Sumit Wadhwa who was adjudged the Best Pati for the fourth time now.

Now the caring and loving Patni of Sumit is also not far behind as Kumkum bagged the Best Patni Award for the 3rd time this year. So this surely means that the Sumit-Kumkum Jodi had a good outing on 11th as they were adjudged the Best Pati and Patni…

Tanya was adjudged the Favourite Saut while Bhimdev from Prithviraj Chauhan won the Best Khalnayak Award.

Tulsi won the Best Saas Award, while Prithviraj –Sanyojita won the Favourite Yogya Jodi Award.

OK, is it time now to talk about the Best Jodi? Wow!!! What an amazing Nomination List we had, this year. Our Sources say that the Best Jodi Award was won by the Hearthrob of all,
Karan – Nandini. Three Cheers to the Rocking Jodi of Karan-Nandini!!!

As we all know, a Grand Event is always marked by great Performances. According to our sources, the Stage sizzled with wonderful performances. But the Grand Finale Performance had stars like Husein-Juhi, Hiten-Gauri, Eijaz Khan – Sanjeeda and Vikas Sethi along with the veteran Rita Bhaduri rocking on stage. While the elegant and charming Husein-Juhi danced to the tunes of Maahi Ve , the Hot and Stunning Hiten-Gauri danced to the romantic and melodious number Suraj Hua Madham. Eijaz Khan, Vikas Sethi and Sanjeeda rocked their way on the Rock N Roll Soniye number while all these Stars joined together to hit to stage , for the Salaam-E-Ishq song…

So Friends, are you thrilled that Karan – Nandini won the Jodi Award, are you happy for Sumit and Kumkum for getting the Best Pati and Patni Awards? Well, this is not the end of it. There is lots more , more suspense, more anxious moments ahead.. So get ready as you bite your nails to know more on the Results of Star Parivaar Awards 2007, get ready to rock as your favourite stars perform on stage.. Watch this space on Telly Buzz as we will provide you Exclusive Pictures and more on the Results in the coming days…

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If Suniel starts exporting garments, I will buy. I think he is the most handsome man ever to have existed, and wearing something he exported would be really neat^^

~Lady Black~

16 years ago

the article was fabulous
but who won fav nehen not mentioned

16 years ago

Your article included each and every detail of the SPA function, very informative and precise, thanks a lot, it was very good!!!!

16 years ago

thnks 4 update....i wis sumit-kumkum had won best jodi award than a couple who dont stay together winning the award!! :((

16 years ago

i'm so happy prithvi- sanyogita won yogya jodi they desevre n also fav jodi to karan - nandini but i dont like naya sadsya gone to laksh it shld ave gone to prithvi

16 years ago

i'm so happy that karan and nandi won, even though i dont watch ksbkbt i still lik their jodi.I wish prem and mukti had won the best yogi jodi award.

16 years ago

i am sooooooo happy tht karan nandini won the jodi award and waiting eagerly 4 all those lovely performances.prithvisanyogita also deserved yogya jodi.congrats all the winners.

16 years ago

noooo!!!!i don't lyk these results, nihal n suhana didn't win 4 fav.yogya jodi.
n karan n nandini got 4 fav jodi????

16 years ago

i m disappointed they din nomiante kt-laksh crap but yay laksh wonnn

16 years ago

great article!!

congrats to all the winners!!

16 years ago

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