Star One's Sssshhhh... Phir Koi Hai turns biweekly..

The first series of the biweekly format will see Manish Paul and Nandini Singh together...

Manish Paul who was earlier seen in Radha Ki Betiyaan and Choona Hai Aasmaan will now be seen with Nandini Singh in Star One's Sssshhhh… Phir Koi Hai.

According to our source, "The format of Sssshhhh… Phir Koi Hai will be changed to a bi-weekly from this week, wherein one story will go on two weeks i.e for four episodes. The first series in this format is set in the backdrop of a newly opened hotel where couples of different age groups come for holidaying".

There is the newly-wed couple of Raj (Manish Paul) and Simran (Nandini Singh), where Simran is deeply in love with Raj, Raj only seems to be fulfilling all his tasks as a dutiful husband would. Then there's Anjali - Tarun who are the runaway couple, the youngest of the 4…they're waiting for Anjali to turn 18 so that they can marry. Maya-Sanjay the couple who've just come from the loss of their only child…the same being the root of marital strife in their life-they're here hoping to settle a few things/heal a few wounds. Third couple is Cyrus and Pilloo…in their 50's, Pillo is a loving wife and Cyrus appears to be slightly cranky but a good husband – but there's more to each of their stories.

As soon as the couples move into the hotel, they start getting flashes/visions, where one seems the discord in the other couples, ending violently…perhaps death. And to their horror the flashes/visions turn into a reality – as one by one, the killings begin. There is a spirit out at large, killing any one who is not really in love – but form a couple for an ulterior motive. Will Simran's true love for Raj be able to overcome the anger of the spirits? Will Raj fall in love with Simran…the only way they put an end to the killings??

When asked Manish about his role, he says "The story is about me and Simran (Nandini Singh), we get into a bond of marriage while I am against it. We go for our honeymoon, and in that particular hotel there is a ghost will kills couples who are not in true love. The story will take a turn where Simran saves me from the ghost".

Both Manish and Nandini had fun shooting for the horror series. "Even though we were shooting for a horror show, the atmosphere in the sets was totally hilarious. Nandini is a very humorous person and we had fun together".

Watch Ssshhh… Phir Koi Hai, every Friday & Saturday at 10 pm only on Star One.

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Oh thanks soo much!>.Im jus loving Shh phir koi hai completely!!!

15 years ago

Wow haven''t seen Nandani since long

15 years ago

@Raj:Yes the show was bi weekly but they changed the story format. Earlier it was every week new story in middle they changed it to new story for one month bow it''s back in old format every week new story.

15 years ago

I feel sorry for her. :(
I hope everything gets better soon!

15 years ago

hope she feels better
she shood accept karans offer cuz srk-kajol jodi is gr8

15 years ago

kajol i love u!
keep it up, stay strong sweety!
i know what u may be going thru..its hard.. god bless u!

15 years ago

wow she's so strong...
all the best

15 years ago

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