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SRGMP Preview of Friday, June 1st, Episode

SRGMP Celebrates Ismail Darbar's Birthday with Starlwarts - Khayyam and Rajesh Roshanji!!

Come Friday and the 2nd Round of the challenge takes off. Friday’s episode is a very special one. Firstly because it is Ismail Darbar's birthday and secondly because today the new “Mahagurus” for this round - Khayyam saab and Rajesh Roshanji make their entry to the sets as judges. The highlight of the day is Ismail Darbar’s astounding performance on the violin! He picks up the violin after 10 years and gives a flawless performance. The crowd is enthralled by his mastery over the instrument. The theme for today is Ismail Darbar’s compositions. Ismailji makes a promise to the participants that he would give away his most prized possession to the participant whose song would touch his heart the most. The contestants sing compositions of Ismail Darbar one by one. All of them get their
due share of praises, as well as criticisms. But nobody manages to touch Ismail Darbar's heart so as to earn his most prized possession.

Apurva and Sumedha get the 'Farman' in this episode. Raja Hasan from the "Eklavya Gharana” gets selected in Vishal Shekhar's Gharana. A big surprise awaits Ismail Darbar at the end of the episode. His family is called up on the stage and his birthday is celebrated with huge pomp and show.

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Ismail Darbar

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priyankap 2007-06-03T04:31:33Z loved his violin performance1!!!so touchy...
Gracella 2007-06-02T14:03:34Z thanx for the article!! wow looking frwd!!

bystander 2007-06-01T14:34:11Z cant wait to see it...sounds very exciting
ammmu 2007-06-01T11:17:20Z WOw, can't wait to hear his performance, and yes violin..... love it!! thankoo Barnalidi!
Khushi. 2007-06-01T06:25:47Z thanks for the article...will wait for the episode...
smallwonder 2007-05-31T23:03:11Z i thought the eklavya system was over now... till when will it continue...
advil 2007-05-31T16:45:32Z Cant wait to hear ID's performance.It will be worth evrything and to top that his great songs!I am sure this week it is going to be totally a melody filled week.
Prestigious 2007-05-31T16:37:25Z Awww.. how nice! Looking forward to enjoying this episode. Thanks a lot for the preview.. Excellent article!
snowflake0555 2007-05-31T16:34:45Z great article! nicely written =]
i cant wait until tomorrow to c it
hmmm this shud b interesting...
A.S.P.I.R.E 2007-05-31T15:13:30Z I really like the idea of Telly Buzz and previews of the show .. But I just dun like the idea of revealing the winners as well in the article . As there would be no fun watching the show itself ... :(

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