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'Spooky n Uncanny' with Rithvik Dhanjani'

Tellybuzz brings to you a new Saturday column on Supernatural and Uncanny...

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Tellybuzz brings to you  'Spooky and Uncanny' column with our Telly celebs and tries to find out their beliefs in supernatural and their brush with the uncanny! This week we have Rithvik Dhanjani aka Arjun of Zee Tv's show Pavitra Rishta. Let's find out what Rithvik has to share with us..

Do you believe in the Supernatural?
Not really - for me what i cannot see I won't believe. But I believe in God: we can't see him but we can feel his presence always.

Craziest horror story you have heard as a kid?
There are many but I would like to share one: I stayed in Dubai and there is a haunted ground. It is believed that the daughter of an old Arab king living there died years back but many people see her spirit when they visit the place. So,the folklore of 'Ghost of that girl' - Quite intriguing!

Have you ever had a brush with uncanny?
No not really(smiles).

When have you been the most scared?
I am not scared of supernatural powers or anything related to it, but I usually get scared when my show is not doing well or something ends happening which was not expected.

Favorite Horror Movie?

Horror Dare?       
We friends were given a dare to go to the Jazerat-Al-Hamra which is a haunted ground in Dubai - a very scary place. We did go to that place and one of my friend did see the Old Arab king's daughter who is the ghost that haunts the place.The scene at that time cannot be expressed in words-  in short it was very scary.

Reporter and Author: Krishma Solanki.

Rithvik Dhanjani Pavitra Rishta  Zee TV 

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Jin. 8 years ago great interview RD...
i believe in paranormals and supernaturals... they are quite interesting...

hope PR gets back on Arvi's track...
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Petal_Pose 8 years ago Even though I considered myself very scientific,I am a keen believer in supernatural . Because there are infinite number of possibilities. Thank IF for the interview. Good luck to R.D.Wish him all the best. Btw,I just kekta does something about Arvi soon.
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D640117 8 years ago This content is hidden.
areebaVirika 8 years ago Nice...Yeah i also head abt Al-Hamra but when i went there i didn't found that place scarey yar its all crap...Btw Rithvik really like ur acting :)
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bwoodlover01 8 years ago The only reason I watch PR is because of this guy! Keep rocking!
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akshaaya 8 years ago Thanks TB for this nice interview...
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krishnaria 8 years ago love you RD!u just rock..thx for this TB!...
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Huma- 8 years ago Finally RD interview thanx a lot TB!

Love u RD God bless!
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Ayesha066 8 years ago Oh so RD is not scared of ghosts n doesn't believe in supernatural...
gud to knw about that...
Love him..2012-06-03 06:43:33
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abhilan97 8 years ago PR is the best!!! Your show is awesome...u rock arvi...
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