Splitsvilla 2's new found duo Stutee and Ashutosh..

Surprise, surprise as according to the rumor mills, Ashutosh Karnik and Stutee Nag of Splitsvilla2 are seeing each other..


Splitsvilla2, 'where love is war!', is finally coming to an end! Politics, fights, bitching and dumping, Splitsvilla2 had it all!

Loyal followers of this love reality show must be definitely familiar with love stories of the winners Siddharth – Sakshi and runners up Mohit - Joanna on the show. Since the show is now over and frankly, one can't really comment much about the status of the earlier mentioned relationships. But surprise surprise! Splitsvilla2 has given birth to a relationship which may may come across as a shocker to all its viewers. That is of, Ashutosh Karnik and Stutee Nag!

Ashutosh Karnik who was one of the lucky contestants to enter through Vodafone along with Sakshi Pradhan got dumped from the show soon due to his humble nature, while Stutee Nag smartly managed to survive on the show and reach the top three girl finalists, thus proving to be a tough competitor for all the girl contestants.

On the show one did not get to see much of them as a 'duo'. But rumor has it that once Ashutosh got dumped, Stutee missed his presence on the show. According to our sources, "Stutee liked Ashutosh as a person and considered him very different from all the other guy contestants due to which they got really friendly with each other. And now post Splitsvilla2, they are seeing each other and are quite happy to be in each others' company." 

Well, Ashutosh and Stutee may have not managed to survive this 'twisted tale of love', but we wish them luck for their new found love and hope that their love story has no such twists and turns..!

Reporter and Author: Rishitu Amarnani


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pavelonmove 11 years ago well i like joanna but i cant stand mohit.....has everyone forgotten what mohit made the girls do when he was the king??????he doesnt respect women......so i guess it''s fine that sid and sakshi won........
* Unnati *
* Unnati * 11 years ago Absolutely not happening!!..The winners shud be Mohit & Joanna...!!!...im happy for Ashu & Stuti..
Hasina_Sona 11 years ago This content is hidden.
Blind_fold 11 years ago ashu ka dimag thik to hey?stutee?awww..mujhe dekha hota yaar:(
.anjz. 11 years ago ooohh... thts sweet...
but i dnt like Stutee..
neway hapy for.. good luck to her...
.Supriya. 11 years ago im sooooo happy dat sid has finally won the show

but stutee and aashutosy eewwww
.FunLuvingGirl. 11 years ago i wanted mohit n joana to win
nyways this show was stupidity..
aish_punk 11 years ago I''m happy Sid won..no comments abt Sakshi..!

n gud 4 Stutee n Ashutosh :)
suruchi123 11 years ago This content is hidden.
sonam_s 11 years ago Haha! They look cute together. I liked Ashutosh as well. He was a great guy with the cutest smile. I''m soo glad Sid and Sakshi won. They both have rocked the show and only deserve victory.
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