Sonya's true colors revealed in Bidaai...

It's engagement time of Ranveer and Sonya in Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai. Amidst the dance and masti, Sadhana gets successful in revealing the intention of Sonya... Get an insight on the track ahead right here on Telly Buzz...

Rajan Shahi’s Sapna Babul Ka…Bidaai has been doing pretty well in the TRP chart from the time of its inception and now the serial is headed for yet another twist to unfold in the grand engagement party hosted by the Rajvansh family for Ranveer-Sonya (played by Kinshuk Mahajan and Madhura Naik).

Sonya who aims to get into the rich Rajvansh family just to divorce Ranveer later on, and get richer by claiming a huge alimony from them, is taken aback as Sadhana (Sara Khan), the loyal bahu of the house, exposes her evil plans at the right moment and stops the engagement from happening. It’s just not this, as the viewers will also witness some fabulous song and dance sequences before the climax opens up. The 6-minute dance sequence was shot very meticulously with fabulous performances coming from each and everyone in the cast.

Giving an insight to the episode is the Producer and Series Director Rajan Shahi, “There are many high points to look forward to in this engagement. It all begins with the otherwise formal Rajvansh family getting together on the dance floor for the first time, grooving to the very popular ‘Shaava Shaava’ number. Even Seema Kapoor and Avinash Wadhawan who play the very intense Vasundhara and Indrajeet Rajvansh will be seen dancing and enjoying like teenagers. The most interesting part is the manner in which Sonya and her intentions get unmasked. The whole part has been conceived very realistically and this will pave way to a new dimension in Bidaai, which will focus on Ranveer’s breakdown post the revelation and the manner in which he goes thro’ a healing process”. When asked whether the love story of Ranveer-Ragini is on cards, Rajan Shahi says, “Well, as of now I can say that Ranveer, who has been the under-dog in the show till now, comes in the limelight and someone will play a very important role in getting him back on track. Yes, the viewers will see a very interesting love story too, as the track unfolds”.

According to our sources, as the Ranveer track develops further, there will be a major twist revolving around Alekh (Angad Hansija) too, wherein he will start getting flashes of the past. When we quizzed Rajan on this, he says, “Yes, there will be a major twist pertaining to Alekh too, and above all, the viewers will see a totally different Alekh in this dance sequence”. When asked whether Sonya’s track ends here, Rajan confides, “Yes, her track will see a temporary exit. But you never know, she might get back later at some crucial stage”.

An episode with the right blend of fun, music, entertainment and nail-biting climax is what the audience can look forward to….

Don’t miss the very interesting dance sequence followed by the high-intensity drama in Sapna Babul Ka…Bidaai on 30th June, Monday at 9 PM only on Star Plus….

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee waiting for ragvir to happen

15 years ago

thank god finally sonia`s exposed....ranvir and alekh both look cute and sadhana looks stunning as ever =)

15 years ago

omg!! c that's why i watch this serial rite here: things actually happen the way u want them to! i luv this show bidaai deserves to be where it is cannot wait to c this episode

15 years ago

I think choti ma's truth will come out too. don't think ragini and ranveer will be togather but i think may be sadhana and ranveer get in love.

15 years ago

Oh,god,it's revaled!!!!
thanks a lot,luv this serial!!!

15 years ago

aww bless x k well cnt wait 2 watch lol xx

15 years ago

Thanks for the article, cant wait for Sonia to be exposed. Would love to see the start of Ranvir / Ragini romance.

15 years ago

Finally, something good happening....
i am eager to watch Ranbir Ragini LOve story!!

15 years ago

gorgeous pictures!
Alekh and Ranvir look veryyy handsome! :D
And Sadhna looks adorable!
I cant wait for the R-R track to start, but poor Ranvir :(

15 years ago

can't wait to see. better thn DMG this days.

15 years ago

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