Sonam Kapoor on Retake with Pratibha Advani..

After chatting with Raju Hirani and Sonu Niigaam, Pratibha Advani will now have the Masakali girl Sonam Kapoor on her show this Saturday..

Pratibha Advani, daughter of Bhartiya Janata Party's prime ministerial candidate L.K.Advani, is back into the world of anchoring with a chat show on SaharaOne. The show is called Retake with Pratibha Advani and it airs every Saturday at 7.30 pm.

Retake with Pratibha Advani is a 30-minute one-on-one interview based weekly show. It brings out the most important, interesting and unique moments in the life of an achiever from the Indian film industry. The show has three segments and will trace the film personality's journey from childhood to what they are now. While the focus will be on the one-on-one interview, it will be interspersed with movie clips from their best film.

The show launched on 2nd of May on Sahara One. Raju Hirani was the first guest. May 9th episode featured Ms Pratibha Advani chatting with Bollywood's numero uno singer Sonu Niigaam, which will be followed by Masakali girl Sonam Kapoor on Saturday, May 16.

The chat show will feature Bollywood biggies like Mr. Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan amongst other big stars, singers and directors sitting across the table with Ms. Advani and spew out their biography to stardom. The endeavor is to make the show classy yet classical, sophisticated yet sober.

So Don't miss to know the memorable days of your favorite actor, director or singer to stardom only on….  RETAKE With Pratibha Advani, Every Saturday at 7.30 p.m. on SaharaOne Television.

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I was wondering about i know why

16 years ago

oh i can imagine somebody screwing up the name at the ticket window and watching a totally different movie....wat the heck....i was here to watch saif....y is jackie shroff in here....hahaahahha

16 years ago

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