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Skinny Actresses vs Curvy Actresses!

Now our favourite actresses are opting for well-toned and healthier bodies. So this week, in bid of this rising trend, BollyCurry presents Skinny Actresses VS Curvy Actresses.


Any fan of Bollywood classics would agree that trends have certainly changed, be it the fashion, genre of movies or the even the physique of the actors. We've become accustomed to seeing six packs and size zeros as compared to the curvaceous actors of yesteryear. However, BollyCurry is now wondering whether the trends are, once again, changing. That's right, the voluptuous frames are returning to the big screen! Gone are those days where having a skinny body was an absolute requirement before starring in a movie. Now our favourite actresses are opting for well-toned and healthier bodies. So this week, in bid of this rising trend, BollyCurry presents Skinny Actresses VS Curvy Actresses.
A woman should be proud of her body and be comfortable in her skin in order to love herself, and a little self love goes a long way. Hence BollyCurry brings to you a list, in no particular order, of the voluptuous actresses of recent times. Actresses who have burned the screen with their intense acting and sexy curves and believe that having a skinny body is not an absolute in life.
Sonakshi Sinha

Popularly known for her remarkable debut performance in Dabangg, this is one actress who can proudly flaunt her curves with style. Taking up a challenge, pre-debut, Sinha had lost approximately thirty kilos yet she's not a size zero! But who are we to point fingers when the actress herself is stress free regarding this? The sexy actress has wowed many with her stunningly curvy figure but being healthy is what's important for her. Sinha, however, continues a strict workout routine and well-balanced diet to maintain a toned figure. 
Vidya Balan
Ever confident, the sharp-tongued Vidya Balan is definitely one of Bollywood's most voluptuous actresses with her 2011 film, The Dirty Picture, marking the recognition of her luscious curves. There have been recent speculations regarding her weight but this powerhouse of talent has refuted all as she happily flaunts her curvaceous figure. Balan is not as religious about gym regimen as her counterparts, but she does maintain her figure with balanced meals and periodic indulgences as well as calisthenics - a routine of strenuous exercises coupled with eight hours of good ol' sleep.
Huma Qureshi

This list is incomplete without our Gangs of Wasseypur 1 and 2 star, Huma Qureshi. Despite being one year old in Bollywood, she has managed to sneak her way into hearts of thousands with her performance as well as her deniable curves. Least bothered about her weight and more concerned about possessing a fit and healthy body, Qureshi has definitely proved that a size zero frame, amongst everything else, is unnecessary. However, one can't just sit and be healthy, right? Despite being proud of her structure, Qureshi hits the gym at least two hours daily.
Daisy Shah

Despite being a mere one film old, Daisy Shah has certainly stirred up the news with her mind blowing debut opposite Salman Khan in Jai Ho. She is also a lady who never gave much bother to her weight until Jai Ho came along. However, that didn't pose a challenge for our girl since she previously was a dancer before entering the big screen. Thus her regularly fitness regimen of cardio and weight lifting became useful and essential. An actress who does not believe in dieting, Shah is certainly proud of her curvaceous body.
Ayesha Takia

Despite a long hiatus, our list is incomplete without Ayesha Takia. A sexy, voluptuous actress of all times, Takia was never one to take weight-related comments seriously. The rumor mill was never dry regarding this actress and her curves however, she couldn't be more proud of her body and knows how to dress accordingly to complement her bigger frame. However, health is first and foremost hence why she follows a strict diet of low carbohydrates and a high protein content.

On the flip side of the coin, there are women who are proud to be role models of a much leaner and toned frame. Listed randomly below are five such women who believe in a strict fitness mantra and a healthy diet. These actresses are ambassadors of size zero bodies and are proud of every inch of them.
Katrina Kaif

An actress who rose to fame with her undeniable beauty and a body to match, Katrina Kaif is most popularly known for her amazing dance skills and sexy image in item numbers. But this well toned and perfect body did not come easily! Kaif has an extremely strict gym routine that includes swimming, yoga, jogging, gym, isoplank and meditation. If you think was a lot, she also maintains a healthy diet of no fried foods, a low carbohydrate intake and an an abundance of vegetables and water.
Kareena Kapoor Khan

This sexy belle of Bollywood is definitely one with a "drop dead" gorgeous figure. Kareena Kapoor Khan has been on the big screen for many years now and has still managed to keep her body fit and well-toned. This vegetarian lives on a thorough diet and is a huge believer in yoga. She also ensures she manages to sneak a two hour workout within her busy schedule. The sexy actress gives immense credit to her dietitian, who allows her to indulge in her favourite Indian cuisine as part of her healthy lifestyle. Such a win-win situation for this babe, isn't it?
Alia Bhatt

This bubbly actress who climbed the ladder of fame with her debut movie Student Of The Year has maintained a sleek, sexy figure ever since. Despite being a big "foodie" and her love for Indian cuisine, Bhatt is as slender as ever! The only actress on this list to not frequent the gym, she devotes most of her time to yoga and cardio making the lovely girl an inspiration to young women. Before her debut, she was on the healthier side but has since worked on her body to have herself featured on the skinny list.
Bipasha Basu

Dubbed as one of the fittest women in Bollywood, this ravishing actress is proud of her body and flaunts it so. Bipasha Basu is known to workout vigorously and follows an extremely strict diet to match. Spending most of her time at the gym, Basu creates the perfect balance to her workout schedule by having periodic exercises of different types as well as cardio. This workout with a vengeance certainly has its disadvantages though since our damsel has had quite a few "run ins" with her health. Nevertheless, that doesn't take away the fact that many women aspires to have a body as fabulous as this phenomenal woman.
Priyanka Chopra

How can we conclude the list without mentioning the sexy Priyanka Chopra? Chopra has always flaunted her sexy figure, whether as a character, in an item song or just being herself. Exposed to stardom for quite some time, she has been popular for gaining and losing weight inconsistently. However, all would agree that this belle is a sexy siren. Maintaining this fabulous body is no easy work since Chopra devotes a substantial amount of time at the gym and ensure that her meals are well balanced. Yoga is also an essential in her routine and she has recently included Gatka, a form of martial arts, in her schedule.

Women globally would agree that at the end of the day you can look any way you want to but, one's health should take precedence. However, for those of you out there who believe that an absolute size zero body or a curvy body, like our Bollywood damsels, is a must, then BollyCurry encourages you to take a leaf out of these amazing women's books and have a body you're proud of and one that you can flaunt confidently. Whatever you decide to do, keep it healthy!

Author: Mohini N.
Editors: Amanda H. and Jenifer Y.
Graphics: Amna M.

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