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Shweta Tiwari On Intimate Scenes In 'Hum Tum Aur Them' & How Was She Convinced

One of the reasons of the same is how this avatar of Tiwari has never been seen before on-screen and one would remember how she even posted about her being initially skeptical to perform those scenes.


Actress Shweta Tiwari is certainly on a career high right now, where apart from being the leading face of the on-going Sony TV show, Mere Dad Ki Dulhan, she is also the female lead in Alt Balaji's Hum Tum Aur Them. The latter has already gone live on Zee5 and Alt Balaji app now and has even raked in rave reviews.

However, ever since the trailer of the web show was out, people kept talking about how the actress has done several intimate scenes in the show. One of the reasons of the same is how this avatar of Tiwari has never been seen before on-screen and one would remember how she even posted about her being initially skeptical to perform those scenes.

But in a recent intervew with SpotboyE, the actress spoke about it on length where she said, "All these people have tolerated me so much on set. I used to leave the sets and lock myself inside the vanity and cry saying ‘I can't do it’. When the script came to me, there were kisses mentioned in it. I discussed this with my daughter Palak and she told me ‘anyway, you are getting bored with acting and want to leave this job. So 90's ki heroine bankar chhodne se kya faayda, current heroine bankar chhodo na'. So, I also got convinced thinking what’s the big deal about kissing someone on-screen. But when I came on set and I saw there is choreography for the scene, I thought what’s happening. I used to go cry and when I used to return on sets, I would see Akshay folding his hands and ask if I’m ready. I used to reply ‘Yes but please give me two minutes’. He was very cooperative and he really helped me. And I think if it would have not been Akshay, I may have not been able to do such scenes on-screen".

On getting bold on-screen and the perception about that in India, she said, "People who complain about what bold and intimate scenes are they showing are the same people who go on Netflix and watch shows that are filled with intimacy. For example, in Game Of Thrones there is so much nudity but it is loved by the viewers. In fact, there are people who take it as a pride that they have seen Game Of Thrones. But when in our country, we show any intimate scene, they start sending disturbing messages on social media. People have written ‘Teri beti kya samjhegi’ but let me tell them ‘Meri beti ne hi bola hai Mom go for it’.”

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Deepak3078 1 months ago Recently I watched Hum Tum and Them on ZEE5. Tum And Them is the story of two single parents Shiva and Yudi, who have a second chance at love. Their teenage children try to deal with their past and their new lives, while Shiva and Yudi struggle to maintain their relationships. Swetha Tiwari is a treat to watch in the series. She looks like the mom that every kid would want. The age issues are brought in equal measures and add to the fun. Akshay Oberoi is perfect for the role of a charming middle-aged man who is still youthful at heart. His body language and demeanor makes the whole act believable. The chemistry he shares with Swetha lights up the proceedings making even very routine things to work, and over-action palpable. I love this show it have the unique story line.
mohit30895 2 months ago Hum Tum Aur them is the story of past relationships and convince their kids about their new relationship. Starring Shweta Tiwari, Akshay Oberoi, Bhavesh Bhanushali, and Gautam Ahuja. You can watch Hum Tum Aur them Original series only on ZEE5.
Cshafkat 2 months ago ALT balaji just can barely make any shows without erotic scenes. The show has a stupid concept anyway.
columbia 2 months ago Good on her...tell the trolls to go to hell
Shaina_b 2 months ago Good for her!!! I trust her acting capabilities and know she did it when it was needed and not just for doing it!!!
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