Shreyas Talpade opens up on resuming work post heart attack

Shreyas Talpade recently opened up on resuming his work post his heart attack.

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Shreyas Talpade

Bollywood actor Shreyas Talpade faced a health scare two months ago when he suffered a heart attack. The news not only shocked the film fraternity but also his fans. On December 14, after experiencing chest pain, the actor collapsed at his residence and was rushed to a nearby hospital. Following a battle for his life, he underwent an angioplasty. 

Now, in a recent interview, Shreyas has opened up about his condition and expressed gratitude to everyone who supported him during this crisis.

Speaking to Instant Bollywood, Shreyas Talpade extended his heartfelt thanks to all those who assisted him that night. He expressed gratitude to the doctors, technicians, hospital staff, and everyone who sent blessings and love. He mentioned that he is gradually improving each day and has cautiously resumed work.

Regarding his return to the sets, Shreyas mentioned that he has started working to some extent. However, he emphasized the difficulty of repaying the debt of kindness from people during such trying times. He reiterated his gratitude and expressed happiness for the progress he has made under the guidance of his doctors.

In an interview with ABP's Majha Katta, Deepti Talpade shared the supportive gestures they received during Shreyas Talpade's health crisis. Director Ahmed Khan and his wife visited the hospital late at night after learning about the news. 

Shreyas Talpade is set to appear in the third installment of the Welcome film series. He is part of the ensemble cast in the film 'Welcome To This Jungle,' which features Akshay Kumar, Raveena Tandon, Disha Patani, and others.

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He is so young and he had an heart attack🥲

2 months ago

He is so young and he had an heart attack🥲

2 months ago

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