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Shree to give birth to twins..

Kangana finally succeeds in entering the womb of Shree in the Zee show. However, Bal Ganesh gives Shree a vardaan of a holy child too...

Published: Monday,Sep 07, 2009 10:23 AM GMT-06:00
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Kangana aka Vibha Anand is in full form in Zee's Shree produced by Hats Off Productions, as she is fighting hard to get into the womb of Shree (Wasna Ahmed).

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The present track focuses on the vrats that Shree undertakes in order to ward off the evil desires of Kangana. To begin with, Shree walks on fire, after which she starts to do a very powerful 24 hour long aarti.

According to our source, "Shree will encounter many problems as she is doing the 24 hour long aarti. At first, Kangana attacks Madhu Bhabhi, who is trapped inside a burning car. Shree who can see Madhu Bhabhi in trouble has to leave the aarti and go to save here. At this juncture, Bal Ganesh comes to Shree's rescue, and takes Shree's place to do the aarti, while Shree manages to save Madhu Bhabhi".

"If this is not enough, Kangana next captures Hari (Pankaj Singh Tiwary) who gets out of the house to get some ingredients for the pooja. Kangana traps Hari in a mannequin. This leaves Shree with no other option but to move out of the aarti and save Hari", adds our source.

Finally, Kangana reaches the point wherein she succeeds to enter into Shree's womb. "Shree is heartbroken when she realizes that she is indeed carrying the evil version of Kangana in her womb. As she weeps before Bal Ganesh, he gives her one more vardaan, that is of carrying a holy child in her womb. As a result of this, Shree is pregnant with twins", further states our source.

The story will now move faster, and soon will reach the stage wherein the kids will be born. "While one is the evil Kangana's reincarnate, the other kid will be a very holy child. Soon there will one more entry into the show in the form of Shree's caretaker, Trisha", concludes our source.

Get ready for the fast paced action between the Good and the Evil in Shree.. 

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

Pankaj Singh Tiwari Veebha (Vibha) Anand Wasna Ahmed Shree  Zee TV 

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devashree_h 13 years ago We were all so fed up with thinking Kangna as Shree's child and how Shree will deal with her.But this will be nice to watch.Shree's good child fighting eveil child.
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Isa_de 13 years ago Why do wassna plays only Pengnant gal always???
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Debo_Afghan 13 years ago Plzzzzzzzzzzzz End this show..
Its doesnt has any storyline.. Wast of time and money
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helmet 13 years ago haven't watched shree since last month lol
well i've seen stories like dis in da past many times i guess n den dis holy child is da only one who can kill kangana or sumthing lol

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MasterKatara18 13 years ago This show is still on? When will it go off like seriously? Poor acting, poor direction and poor story. Too much of evil spirts and nonsense -_-

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Aahaana 13 years ago Wow...interesting twist, one evil and one good:-)
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love.story 13 years ago i feel that it is useless to comment on tis serial . wen is it going to be off air??????????????
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Shaina_b 13 years ago I don't know why this story is being made so much nowadays!!!!

The story of two twins of which one is a reincarnation of evil and the other a good one was shown in the story Kutumb in the Kya Hadsaa Kya Haqueeqat series!!!!It starred Mayuri Kango, Tarun Khanna, Parmeet Sethi, Pracheen Chauhan, Sonal, Eijaz Khan and Nikkhil Arya!!!!!

A bad rip-off of this is currently being shown in Koi Aane ko hai on a South Indian family!!!!!

Now they are having the same thing in Shree as well!!!!

Kuch toh original socho!!!!

2009-09-07 03:44:15
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--Princess-- 13 years ago I use to watch this show with alot of interest..and if missed an episode, I would read it's update here of IF !..

But now..I've jsut lost the whole interest !..
They should just get done with this Kangana track !'s too much !
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aries27 13 years ago shree have kind a similar story line of another drama "tum bin jaon kahan" it was also a zee drama ..they have the similar kind a story of both evil and holy child ...newayz shree rox:!!
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