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Sharad Malhotra’s wife Ripci Bhatia lashes out at Surbhi-Sharad fans for going overboard

Naagin 5 actor Sharad Malhotra’s wife Ripci Bhatia gives it back to Sharad- Surbhi fans who went a little over board.

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Ripci, Surbhi and Sharad

Social media and the entertainment industry go hand in hand.

While the celebrities get a lot of benefits and advantages from the social media, time and again a lot actors face the harsh reality of the digital world. Many get often trolled which affects their mental health. Actors like Divya Agarwal to Nia Sharma and Shehnaaz Gill are a few examples of actors who have received trolls and hate comments on social media. While a lot of actors don’t pay heed to such instances, some go all out and put across their opinions.

The new celebrity to join the league of giving sassy replies to the trolls is Sharad Malhotra’s wife Ripci Bhatia Malhotra. Sharad was last seen in Colors’ Naagin 5 and his chemistry with co-actress Surbhi Chandana was highly appreciated. Their fans fondly call then SharBhi. Often fans get delusional and forget the difference between the onscreen and offscreen lives of the actors. 

Ripci took to social media and revealed about a certain SharBhi fan who went quite overboard with her statements to Ripci. Ripci made it a point to give a piece of her mind to that particular fan and others in general. In a long post addressing the issue of getting hate comments from SharBhi fans, Ripci stated that she is busy leading a beautiful life while the so-called fans are planning new ways of attacking Ripci with their negative comments.

Have a look at Ripci’s post:

Ripci's post
Ripci's post

Well, this is not the first time that the real life partner of an actor had to face backlash because of her partner’s phenomenal chemistry with on-screen love interest. Recently, Virat-Sai fans (Neil Bhatt and Ayesha Singh) trolled Neil’s fiancé Aishwarya Sharma for her mushy posts with him.

Ssharad Malhotra Surbhi Chandna

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AppleOfEye 1 months ago Actors have their own personal life! Sharad has amazing chemistry with almost all of his co-stars! But going after his wife & bashing her is really low! These ppl need to grow up!
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I-Got-You 1 months ago going after his wife is so low
Reply thumbs-up 5 thumbs-down 0
priya185 1 months ago Both actors are in a relationship so I don’t get the point of bashing her
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gurl-enchanted 1 months ago Immature people with easy access to Internet and no life of their own. Glad that Ripci called them out. Name and shame is the only language such people understand. Reel and real life is different. Celebs you ship may not be your kind of people in real life, and yet some people make it their life to troll their significant others.

Aishwarya from GHKPM also gets death threats. You can like or hate someone, but to abuse them and troll them to this level shows the lack of empathy and basic intelligence that some people possess. Shameful behaviour!
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Moodyblue 1 months ago Sharad has chemistry with all his co stars, he has the charm but stop harrasing his wife people. You are just making his life difficult!
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Neon9 1 months ago FANDOMS SHOULDN'T FORGET THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN REAL & REEL LIFE !!!! Disturbing a married couple like this wont make you any bigger or better it will only harm your image as a fandom. Shame on these people who are literally plotting villainous tactics to ruin somebody's relationship. People like this should be banned from all social media platforms !!!!
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RadiantSpark 1 months ago Around 90% of the Vani fandom is known for being immature and insensitive. I haven't seen such type of fandom anywhere other than one specific fandom. Can't even understand how could people go so deep into an actor's personals and no one give the right to speak about their spouses. These people cannot understand anything and behaves in a insensitive way. Glad that Ripci pointed out that bashed these fools.
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change12 1 months ago fans should not interfere in actors life and trolling their loved ones. these fans need to know they are spoiling the chance of this pair coming again in other tv show ….Gurmeet and Drashti are the perfect example.
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shahsb_26 1 months ago It does get annoying when people fail to distinguish between reel and real...! C'mon people get life!

Ssharad is usually successful in creating chemistry with most actors he worked with... You cannot keep shipping all😂😂
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