Shantanu's identity to be revealed in Zee TV's Chhoti Bahu..

Tonight's episode of Zee TV's Chhoti Bahu will reveal that Shantanu is indeed related to the Purohit family...

Zee TV's Chhoti Bahu, produced by DJ's Creative Unit will see a big revelation happening in tonight's episode, with respect to the identity of the mystery man Shantanu (Hiten Tejwani).

For the uninitiated, Shantanu has been creating problems to the Purohit family, especially Dev (Avinash Sachdev) and Radhika (Rubina Dilaik) for quite a while now. Radhika knows certain secrets about the man, and has been shown to be weary of him.

According to our source, "The dark secret of the past will come to the fore in tonight's episode, wherein it will be revealed that Shantanu is actually the first son of Vaishali (Prabha Singh) and the late Mr. Purohit (Surendra Pal). It will be revealed that the Kundali of the new born Shantanu had indicated that the kid would go on to be the reason for destruction of the entire family. In other words, the eldest son of the house will prove to be a 'Vinaashak'. Hence the family had years back, decided to give the new born kid to a nurse. Now, Shantanu knows of his identity and is back to take revenge".

In tonight's episode, Vaishali will get to know that Shantanu is none other than her abandoned son. With this revelation, Shantanu's character will be shown as completely negative.

We tried calling Hiten Tejwani, but he remained unavailable.

Well, gear up for more drama post the big revelation...

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Comments (59)

hiten your acting is good but your role is very bad i love Radev

13 years ago

i agree with you nscutie,they brought hiten to raise the trps,but then they should give him a good role with good script,i luv u hiten

13 years ago

cb is a crap show..dats y it has low trps ok...dats y dey brought hiten to increase d trp...i don kno y hiten tuk dis crap show

13 years ago

shantanu is not only kul naashak but alsotrp naashak bcz when he enter the show CB out of trp chart yet

13 years ago

the story is moving will be interesting to see now ...Avina Rocks...

13 years ago

shantanu ki jab se entry hui hai tab se Cb trp chart me out of 10 ho gaya hai he is real kul vinashak and trp vinashak

13 years ago

It has gone to the garbage. THis his all shit storylines now. This is more and more crap. Always attacking the jodi, her fam and his fam. This is boredom.

13 years ago

now shantanu is bad action harm to radev

13 years ago

hiten 's character and new revelation is good

13 years ago

This relevation is creating interest and can develop character and theme of the show

13 years ago

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